How To Handle Rude Tattoo Artists

♥ In today’s video I talk a little about rude tattoo artists, what makes an artist rude, what does not make them rude and how to handle the situation when it occurs. But please feel free to add to the discussion by commenting below! Since my personal experience is very limited I’d love to hear more thoughts and experiences from you guys!

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  1. I have had such bad luck with assholes. Recently walked into a shop and they didn't even try to make me feel welcome. I have a lot of visible ink too, but they acted like I'm some asshole there to waste their time. So they aren't getting my money.

  2. I live in Texas. Texas has a mutual combat law. I'm quick to enforce this law because I'm a firm believer that words starts wars. So if you live in Texas and someone wants to be a jerk to you for no reason. Enforce your right, to not only artist, but any person that wants to treat you like less of a human being and kick their ass. P.S. most of these rude people will back down because most rude people are cowards.🤣

  3. My first tattoo was done by a very unprofessional artist who made a lot of crude remarks and towards the end of the tattoo, asked if he could kiss me. It was very wierd and creeped me out quite bad. Didn't help that I was 18 and he was somewhere in his 40s.

    Every tattoo I've had done since then has been done by an amazing artist in my hometown who is not only creative as hell and professional to boot, but just the sweetest man on the planet. He's much older too, but I've never seen him be rude or nasty to any client. Been getting inked by him for over 10 years now, and I'm starting to think I might never get a tattoo by another artist again. He's that good and kind. I thank God for bringing such a talent into my life each time I go to him for a new tattoo, cause honestly, the first artist really gave me a horrendous experience and i was scared to get another tattoo for a while.

  4. Thankyou for this video. I think it is very healing for a lot of us, especially women as we get sexually harassed so much. When I was in my late 20's I lost everything, my house, husband, income, all my friends, everything. It was brutal. I worked with a therapist and got thru it and felt free, so decided that I'd get "free" tattooed on me. After it was close to being finished all the tattoo "artists" (/"assholes") in the studio started joking around about me being "free" – Like, oh, ha-ha, very funny, disgusting, slimey pigs. I felt violated. Especially bc I'd just broken up with someone who would have protected me so wasn't used to doing it for myself. Now I've learnt to speak up and would probably do friggin Kung Fu on them, not pay, leave a bad review and report it as sexual harassment. We live and we learn!! I found some other female artists and went there for a while but now as every man and his dog has tattoos….I don't want to them anymore. I'd probably move on to scarification / branding. I've always wanted to be different from the crowd!

  5. I’ve had nothing but shit experiences speaking with tattoo artists. They ALL seem to have a chip on their shoulder lately. I really don’t get it.

  6. In my experience, it's not so much that they're rude, but pretentious and narcissistic. And so are a majority of people that have a lot of tattoos that I've been unfortunate enough to meet. I haven't met a single one of them that didn't have this "look at me, I'm so unique" attitude.

    …no dude, you're not unique in the slightest. Literally millions of other people also have tattoos, Justin Bieber has tattoos. That says a lot about the decline of the culture, it has turn into a trendy fashion statement. It's dead and meaningless now. And now I'm stuck having a judgmental mind frame where I don't want to associate with anybody that has a lot of tattoos.

  7. It is so irritating that there is so many videos talking about irritating clients but no one ever talks about irritating and rude tattoo artists I find that there's usually two groups of tattoo artists there's usually the down-to-earth really cool ones that are passionate about their work and just don't mess around with their time and money and then there are the rude arrogant ones that think you know nothing about Tattooing and the work that goes into it and will roll their eyes at every suggestion you make. They won't even try to make you feel comfortable or at ease with something that can often be very stressful.

  8. "Successful" tattooers get to choose their work, because they are so busy, that they can do only the work they like, that is different than being an asshole.

  9. A tattoo represents change within a humans life, a documented journey I want to be a plesent guide to help them along their journey. Enjoying the process works both ways

  10. I've had almost every piercer (I haven't gotten a tattoo yet) bash every other artist or shop they think of or I mention or that comes up in any way. I find that so incredibly unprofessional. I'm hoping to get my first tattoo this year (finally) but I dread so much facing that politics and drama and nastiness. 😞

  11. I had a tattoo that I wanted to alter or cover-up. I went tt o the tattoo artist with the idea I've had for years and presented it to him. While I was telling him over our supposed "consultation", I described what I wanted and told him I had a few images of my idea and would email it to him. This idea was custom to my body as much as the artwork. I had emailed him and messaged him multiple times to see how things were going- with no response. I finally got a response back that was rude about why I would expect my work to be done when my appt was still weeks away. When the day came for my appt, we were on two different pages. He had a completely different idea of what he thought I wanted. This shows that he did NOT look at the email of images or he would have known. So he drew something then and stenciled it on me. I didn't like a few things, but for some reason to my own demise, I did not speak up. It was def not at all what I had been picturing or told him I wanted. But I kept silent because of the whole idea changing upon arrival. Only the outline is done and we have many ways to go. I am not happy with parts of the tattoo, now been weeks. When I was browsing for more ideas to fix this, I came across the image he drew for me and I lost it (panic and mad )I had messaged him last week about wanting to meet before the day of the appt, since our communication has been way off… no response yet and my appt is in days. Part of me is so insanely upset that I don't want to have him finish it. However, he is a talented artist and I'm not sure about having another artist finish what he started. I don't know what to do.

  12. I've met rude tattoo artists before. I know some of them think they're hot shit because they've been doing it for 20 years. But if an artist makes me uncomfortable and intimidated I would leave and go get it done somewhere else.

  13. if a tattoo artist was rude to me during the session after the needle hit my skin, id keep quiet or try to lighten their mood. if that wouldn't help them not be a piece of shit id simply not tip. or tip a really small amount like 50 cents so they get the point and personally let them know they were rude and they create negative experiences with how they treat people, assuming i wouldn't have been the only one. im not passive about sexual harassment, when it happens, i simply tell them to stop touching me. if they dont they can catch a blade. doesn't matter who they are or what the circumstance is, i have and i will threaten someones life if they don't respect my personal intimate space.

  14. I've had an artist tell me my design isn't really his style, but then recommend someone else who could do it for me, which is probably the kindest way to decline and I'm thankful for doing so because a) I no longer love the idea and b) I wouldn't have ended up with a tattoo that wasn't the best it could be, because I was asking a blackwork realism artist to do traditional (this is before I knew about tattoos leave me alone)

  15. I’ve got quite a few tattoos and they were all done in Asia, not super cheap and mostly done by award winning tattoo studios.
    When I’ve enquired or emailed about tattoos here in the UK I have never had a good experience, people should want the business, its not the tattoo artists body and a lot of the tattoos here are very overpriced compared to the shading and work done in asia

  16. Thankyou as I needed this video. I have thought about this certain tattoo for a long time and was really excited for it. I went in for a consultation and had viewed all of the artist Instagram for that studio. So I knew who I was receiving, but was in utter shock with how he treated me. He was verbally rude and mocking. I’m very soft spoken and passive so it’s hard for me to speak for myself in the moment. But going in to my tattoo tomorrow I will stand up for myself, give him no tip and give a bad review for that specific artist. The way he treated me as someone with cash was absolutely uncalled for. I still can’t believe what he did.

  17. Me and my artist click so well that we kinda bully each other but obviously we both find it funny. I’ve been tattooed by him multiple times and I adore him. I basically tell him my bad life decisions and he tells me that I need to get my shit together 😂

    My friend said he was being really rude to me and was offended by him but personally I love my artist and take all of his jokes light heartedly 😊❤️

  18. i have 3 and i've never had a rude artist. i've had a shitty artist, but he wasn't bad at his job. he was bad at being a nice human. he was an anti-vaxxer, homophobe, and transphobe. which was upsetting because his colorwork is beautiful

  19. I had a really bad experience last night, and it really messed with me. The thing is I was trying to be supper nice, and idk how it backfired so bad. Ended up he was condescending to me hostile and insulting. My anxiety kicked in and I started to cry he kicked me out saying he cant work with people like me. I felt like even more shit doing the walk of shame out the door. No idea how I became the asshole when I was trying to be so nice. Had gotten a tattoo there before w/o a problem totally different this time. I wanted a good big piece even open to turning into a sleeve he said no and that is when he got condescending and hostile and insulted me. took me by surprise obvi wont go back but idk how to make sure it doesnt happen again.

  20. The artist who did my first tattoo was very rude, I was maybe 5 minutes early to my appointment and he scoffed and told me “I was going to go get food but you’re already here” I got my little 20 minute tattoo and left, never going back.

  21. No one should ever let an asshole put a tattoo on you. It is such an intimate process. You are putting your trust in someone to put some art on your body and giving them your skin. It needs to be respectful by the tattoo artist and the client. I have turned down the opportunities to be tattooed by some major artists because of their attitude.

  22. Hello, I love this video! I am currently making videos sharing my experience as well but towards tattoo artist!! So I am second generation and have been tattooing for 18 years, grew up in a shop and now run my second successful studio. I want to educate artists on how to treat clients and how to run a successful studio as well. If we could connect that would be great thanks!

  23. I have money to do a tattoo with whoever I want (within reason, I won't pay 1000 bucks an hour or travel to another continent), but I only get a tattoos from my close friend (which luckily is an awesome tattoo artist, and really not cheap even though he tries to under charge me all the time) I refuse to have a piece of art in my body from someone I don't know and love as a brother, let alone to someone rude, it's just not worth it, I'll always love my tattoos since the hole experience was something I cherish, I know that maybe Horiyoshi III (which I really admire) or that some other artist can produce masterpieces that will surpass what most mortals can do, but it wouldn't be the same, my tattoos are tailored for me by someone that knows me, and no one can do that, aside from the ones I know deeply.

  24. I was having a big piece done by a very good, very expensive artist in the city I live in. My boyfriend has a tattoo from the same guy, done years ago when he wasn't that "famous", and he warned me that since he got very good this artist started behaving like a rockstar. Since the beginning he'd been very nice and kind, so I couldn't understand why my bf had complained about him. During the session I ask him if it could be possible to fix PART of another tattoo I have: it's a rose with thorns around it, made by another artist but in the same style. I've asked to fix part of the thorns that got damaged by a scratch on my skin, and he said "Yeah sure, and then we can fix this rose that LOOKS LIKE CABBAGE", and then he came up with some other ideas, like adding leaves and other stuff. Ok. At first I've laughed because I didn't expect my rose to be compared to cabbage, also because it's well done by another good professional, I like it, I like the way it is, I wouldn't change it. But then I've realised what my bf meant by "behaving like a rockstar": I've asked this guy if it was possibile to fix a detail of another tattoo (maybe if we had time at the end of the session) and he started to make plans to turn it into one of his works, offending another good artist's tattoo, and almost assuming that I was an idiot because I like that piece and I didn't want to change it completely. Maybe I shouln't have asked a "famous" artist like him to fix someone else's tattoo (but why not trying?), but I think he went a little bit too far. For the rest of the session he's been very nice with me, but I've just kindly refused all his ideas because I'm confident with what I want on my body and I won't let any rockstar artist tell me what I should have.

  25. I've dealt with some who act like their shit don't stink and they know they can get money no matter how they act. I have to have a good connection on top of a skilled professional in order to have an enjoyable experience. It helps the time go by and distract me from the pain. Communication is huge too. Usually the same ones I've had be rude have had poor communication- on appointments (day/time), pricing, etc. Its very frustrating to show up at the agreed upon time, after travelling for hours, and still have to wait hours for them to show up and set up.
    We have one local guy who constantly shit talks other local shops/artists on local forums, and told a friend, when asked about doing a tattoo, he replied "i don't do dumb tattoos"

  26. My friends boyfriend got a tattoo at a pretty cheap tattoo shop (first mistake there) and the dude was such an ass. First of all they got there 20 minutes early just because they wanted to make sure they got there on time and this dude complained that they got there too early and he didn’t get to eat his food. Then when he started to tattoo him he was asking him questions like “is that it? That’s all you want?”. Finally when another worker took over to finish the piece (it was a grim reaper btw) he was in another room talking shit on his choice of tattoo and just being an asshole all while they can still hear him. When she told me about this it got my blood boiling. Although she did say he half assed apologized and blamed it on not eating. Oh and last thing, the tattoo was pretty shit and it scabbed on parts of it.

  27. I haven't been tattooed but I did go to a tattoo/piercing place a few months back to get three cartilage piercings and I wanted to show the piercer a picture to better explain what I wanted (because I'm terrible at explaining things) but he said "Showing me a picture wouldn't help unless it's actually your ears" and I get that, but I figured at least it would give him a better idea as to what I wanted then he went ahead and marked my ears. I'm happy with how they are but I wish the two on my right ear were just a little bit closer