Talking about Tattoo Apprenticeships.
Giving some tips and information about it !
Let me know if I missed something and if you have any questions bellow ! PORTFOLIO presentation video will be up here on youtube soon !

Thank you for watching !

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  1. Thank you, this was really helpful! Also it's crazy to me but now there are so many videos actually teaching tattooing techniques here on yt.. I tried tattooing on fake skin and on my boyfriend (went very well imo but I know I have a lot to learn) but I feel like I would be so much more confident in my own skills if I didn't just picked them up by myself. I have an art background, went to art school, I'm used to having mentors around and I actually like to get (constructively) criticised by my mentors, it helps me grow as an artist. I constantly second guess myself when I'm trying to learn something by myself.

  2. ALWAYS REMEBER a tattooist is self employed so do they really care for your well being and learning, alot of the time they just want a nobody to boss around and do all there paperwork and cleaning up for them with no real intention of teaching you, you will know very quickly if you are wasting your time

  3. I'd rather pay 10 grand to go to school than be someones bitch for a whole year. lol Just open your own shop and become the competition. Just wrong that some of these shops think they own people.

  4. I’ve been actively drawing since I was a kid and I’m 23 now, tattooing isn’t easy by no means, but having an artist background does make the journey a lot easier. You can ever draw enough tho, ever.

  5. I'm wanting to start an apprenticeship but i have no desire to get a tattoo any time soon (never say never), I don't like how that could potentially disadvantage me

  6. i dont have money at all to get more tattoos (broke student life), but i really want to get an apprenticeship. seems a bit unfair that someone cant get tattos bc of their financial situation and then they get rejected bc they have no tattoos…

  7. Me personally I’d rather someone doing my tattoos have tattoos themselves. That’s just my personal preference. That’s like having a personal stylist who can’t even dress themselves lol. Everyone is different though. I don’t care how good there portfolio is if they don’t have tattoos I don’t want anything from them lol.

  8. yo what’s up man i know u posted this a long time ago,, but is it a bad idea take pictures of your graffiti pieces and include them in your portfolio? jus to include the variety of your style::: jus watched your portfolio vid n u mentioned it, thank u dueces ✌️

  9. Dude no way I'd leave my. Portfolio at a shop and pick it up later and all you said was learn how to draw like obviously you need to learn SMH

  10. hello man i've been following your work for a long time i wanted to learn from you how to get a tattoo i got a tattoo but a long time ago

  11. I know this is an older video but I want to share this: I'm an art student right now. Due to COVID19 I am unable to finish my degree this year like planned, so I wanted to shift my focus to my career and this video… it helped with some of my fears. None of my teachers could help direct me through this process so I am eternally grateful for this video so that I know what I need to do for my next steps. I can't wait!

  12. i hot a question, would you judt put the original drawings into a portfolio or does it also work with copies of drawings? my best ones are in sketchbooks that i would rather not cut out