How to find the RIGHT TATTOO ARTIST for your next tattoo

Finding the right tattoo artist for the job when you’re thinking about your tattoo is the most IMPORTANT part in preparing for a tattoo. There’s no question, that an artist can make or break a tattoo, and that’s why in this video I go into depth, showing you HOW I SEARCH for an artists. I also share my TIPS/TRICKS into making sure you know what to look for and to make the best decision for the best possible outcome. Enjoy the video and let me know how you search for an artist AND who your artist is, where they’re located and their style of tattooing!

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  1. AMAZING: Several I've Googled don't have a web page, maybe a few FB pictures, I can't find link to insta, work under different names on insta, …
    If I can't find and see your portfolio…
    I'M OUT.

    I also I prefer to see a story about the artist. Who are they? Why they tattoo? What they like to do? Other stuff to make a connection with the person

  2. Everyone always says that you need to find a special artist.
    But I just want some basic letters, lines and shapes…

    And I​ still want a good artist who knows how to tattoo straight lines, and get the color in well.
    But I don't know if that is just anyone, or if good artists would even do simple stuff like that…

  3. Hey bro, i already have a half sleeve, half tiger face in inner forearm, gorila and skull in the outer forearm and a rose in the hand, but im concerned about the gorila and the upper arm ideas, i dont find anything to match with the Gorila face, the face is big and expressive, can you help me with ideas? I can send you a photo.

  4. Hi Justin, my artist is Shannon Johnson one of the owners of Ramesses’ Shadow Tattoos. The shop is is in Oakland Tennessee about 30 miles east of Memphis Tennessee USA. His Instagram tag is beard0. He does most everything but I think he is best in black and grey. Btw what do you think about finger tattoo’s been thinking about getting a ring tattooed on my finger.

  5. Jim mcdonnell.Zombreetattoo. Cartoon/Black work/Great all rounder. United kingdom.
    Amberzombers. Florals, black works, animals. Style cross between realism with thin outlines. United kingdom
    ThetattooDen more on Facebook then Instagram. 30 year experience,great over, custom tattoo when wanted, Realism, traditional, script. United-kingdom.
    Plus my next tattoo is with Josh.leetattoo. Outstanding Script artist traditional, from old English to Elven. United kingdom.

  6. Okay here's my list of artists 👌🏽

    @Nickdevine Blackwork ~ St Helens, UK

    @puerto_greco Blackwork Nottingham, UK

    @Robcresswell28 Traditional Essex, UK

    @Lucasedwardo_tattoos Dotwork / Mandala ~ Essex, UK

    @nat.ctattoos Traditional /single needle ~ Essex, UK

    @danmorristattoo Blackwork ~ Manchester, UK

    @hollowxsky (Adam chandler) Blackwork ~ Kent, UK

    @Gracenola_ Dotwork ~ Essex, UK

    @NickFerris_tattoo B&G realism ~ Swindon, UK

    @Kameeleontattoo (Cameron hay) Blackwork ~ Manchester, UK

    @artofperseus (Ross percy) Realism ~ Essex, UK

  7. ouuuuuuuuuuu the suspense on the next tattoo is killing me cant wait to see what you have planned. This video was great .. I am always nervous when it comes to putting something permanent on my body. Really is important to find someone who i can both trust and has talent. So thank you for the tips i will definitely take this into consideration.