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Just a quick video to answer a question I commonly get on my tattoo related videos, ‘How do I find the right tattoo artist?’

A few helpful tips that might help you find the best tattoo artist for you.

I hope this helps.

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  1. If I'm looking to get something that is space related, and by "space" I of course mean outter space, am I looking for that as a category or should I be looking at a different category that would basically fall into that? Thanks much 🙏

  2. I think you should have mentioned that when you're looking on the Internet that you should see how their work heals. Because if they don't show them that typically means that their work isn't okay or the style they tattoo in is not good

  3. M8 if you uploaded content more often atleast once a week your channel would grow, the quality is amazing btw really like your tattoo and workout vids!

  4. Hey man! I just wanted to say I love your videos! I turn 18 in two months and I have always loved Tattoos! And I plan on training more and getting my upper body bigger so I might start with a sort of thigh sleeve! I was really inspired by your tattoo piece with the Koi fish! It's dope man! Thanks again and for what you do! Please keep it up! Much love!

  5. +the style Dogg

    your the only channel on here that I can find who answers questions people have about getting tats your clear and specific with your opinions and it's helped me lol I would never of thought to bring a power aid to help me stay awake so thanks for that btw in know that was mentioned on another video of yours

  6. Would it look weird if I had 2 styles of tattoos on my body?
    I am obsessed with 2 styles and have a hard time choosing which one I want the most.
    Your videos are great btw!

  7. Hi!!!! A fan from Singapore! I really love your tattoo colors. It pops out and is very bright and vibrant. I wanna ask if the colors of your tattoo has a name or a style?