How To Cut Long Layers In 8 Min | Haircut Tutorial

Hey guys, in this haircut tutorial I’m sharing with you one of the shortcuts I use for long layer haircuts. With this long layer haircut technique, I have been able to cut more than 20 clients in a day! Long layers are a staple in any hairstylists tool belt so I hope you guys find this long layer tutorial useful!

Here are the tools I used in this video:

Defy Shears by Fromm –

ProGlide Comb by Fromm –

Elite Thermal Round Brush –

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  1. Difficult to see the steps. Why do you do that? We can not follow the steps, you hide it. Looks like you don't want really show everything.

  2. I guess this is for professionals..was looking for a DIY. Pretty decent though the years at my own hair but this was too complicated TBH…

  3. Problem is, that most of the time when you start working with the angle the watcher can't see the whole model, so it's difficult to recognize the technique.

  4. Great haircut. I wish you would've did her color too. That blonde looked so damaging. Would have loved to see her go a couple of shades darker.

  5. Thanks for the video! I really love the result. But I have a question, could you please help me 🙏
    My hair is long at the bottom (till the shoulder blades, some longer), and short at the top (till the neck), and there's different length between top and bottom.
    And I also have a thick bang, till the eyebrows.
    I'd like to cut hair like in the video but I'm not sure if it's real? Would it look good with such different length?
    Thank you ❤

  6. We got to a certain point in the video and could no longer tell where on the head the sections being cut were… this ones going to need slowing down and rewatching!

  7. Hello 👋. Can’t tell you if I liked the end look. Why don’t you ever show the MONEY 💰 SHOT?!?!?? Of the ladies ( I mean, we have seen her face throughout the process. ) face? I would have rather seen the way this technique framed her face 😤. Thank you for sharing.

  8. This tutorial is not properly filmed becaused I did not see how he directs the hair as he cuts it in triangle. On which side is longer front or back? How is the piece of hair taken in relation to the head?Please record from the distance to see the entire thing.

  9. This is helpful, but I feel like it’s subliminally an ad for those shears? Like I’m left confused about the placement of the sections because we keep seeing the shears rather than the sectioning :/