How To Become A Tattoo Artist

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  1. What if you want to become a tattoo artist with no drawing background? If drawing/painting doesn't translate to the tools used in tattooing, what would be good things to practice?
    All I can think of at the moment, is to draw "types" of things. Like limbs, organs, animals…

  2. I’m glad I watched this. I literally started trying to build my portfolio a week ago and I think I’m on the right path. Procreate is king no cap.

  3. I love your videos, there is NO BS they are edited very well and no lag time or slow boring parts. They are just filled with info that is necessary, thanks for doing these videos, I have learned a lot from you so far. Keep doing what you do Brother, it’s awesome!

  4. Any chance if I decide to become a tattoo artist, I can be one without getting a tattoo myself. I love tattooing others but don’t wanna tattoo myself ever

  5. I really wanna become a tattoo artist but i don't have a tattoo because i'm scared of it, so my question is do i have to get a tattoo or can i become a tattoo artist without a tattoo?

  6. Always wanted to get in somewhere to begin the wild and kick ass journey to become a tattoo artist. Been building up a portfolio. My question is this, I have a friend who girlfriends parents own a shop which their training he said they charge 20k…….. yet another shop one of my artists is now working at that me and my wife have got plenty of work done by him said they also do a tattoo school within the shop and shes been known not to charge people if they show the passion and seem like they will stick with it and not bail once bored. (I obviously want to get with the shop that one of my artists is with, I love the dudes work) but that 20k seems absolutely wild lol if thats the standard price for tattooing and tattoo schools it blows my mind that there are many artists in the world in general lol is that a normal thing charging that kinda money I mean thats a house in many areas, a new car etc lol BTW absolutely love your videos the manor in which you break things down is perfect for how I learn and absorb information!! Thanks for making great videos !!

  7. So I’m already teaching myself tattooing like my dad got me a tattoo machine for 17th birthday and I been practicing on fake skin. I turn 18 this year so do I let them know I already have some sort of experience with a tattoo gun? And that I been practicing at home? Would it be a bad thing or a good thing?

  8. Yo bro for your personal health you should go to a chiropractor your left shoulder looks higher then the other and I think that’s from how you sit when you tattoo

  9. Can I still be a tattoo artist even if I don’t want to practice on myself or get tattooed? As long as I have a lot of friends and family who will let me practice on them?