Tattoo pricing explained! How do artists work out their pricing? What is the elusive minimum charge? And whats the difference between piece rate an hourly rate? Also totally not slagging off Nandos cus i FULLY LOVE Nandos. Thanks for watching I LOVE YOU.

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  1. I just paid 400.00 for a fairly simple 5 inch cross that took 1.5 hours and I added a 60.00 tip. Yes, it was my first tattoo and after talking to some coworkers I feel like I was overcharged. It was a neighborhood place I walked to and in hindsight I picked up a few things where they might have taken advantage of my advanced age and naïveté.

  2. did I get overcharged? Tbh I didnt expect that happened to me…this artist is actually worldwide well known but he charged liked 1,3k for a small tattoo on my forearm…and whole work is about only 1-2 hour…. I am so sad 🙁

  3. I have only paid price rate …at the end of session. He gives me a ball park before hand but once we are done he says like 100$ or whatever it was . I have inky 4 tats but am going to a new artist so I'm wondering what she will do

  4. I get my tattoos when I am traveling. In Germany they charge around 120 USD/h but in other countries it is around 10-20 USD per hour (Latin and South East Asian countries). But I do understand why the hourly price is higher in Germany. It's not because of the skills or experience, but because of the higher living costs


  6. I’m curious to know about how you as the artist personally gets paid, whether you have an hourly pay rate or if you get commission per piece or if you straight up receive the money for the cost of each tattoo

  7. Hi, I’m super late to this video but I just turned 18 and I really really want to get a tattoo. I want flowers around my wrist like a quarter sleeve and on my inner wrist I want a butterfly but I want it to look like a full piece rather then a butterfly and some flowers but my mom won’t let me get “that big of a tattoo” and just wants me to get a butterfly and do the flowers later on but I’m afraid if I do that it won’t look like a full piece it will look like 2 separate because if I get 2 tattoos at different times I’ll probably be seeing 2 different artist. I just want ur input because ur a tattoo artist if I should pull the plug and just get the full piece regardless of what my mom thinks or just the butterfly and get the flowers later on.

  8. Hi Holly, great video thank you. Quick question, I have been quoted £160 to have my existing tattoo re-done tomorrow. The studio charges £80 per hour so I'm guessing that they have booked me in for a 2 hour slot. Now if they finish in say an hour for example, would that give me more time to add to it or would they be able to just say they quoted me a fixed price, in your experience? Sorry I would ask them but there closed today 😁 Thanks

  9. So it’ll cost 20 quid if you ever wanna get as something as ridiculously easy like a tiny little dot huh? And you said it costs so much money cuz all the things you need cost a lot of money? 🙂 Sorry! I don’t want a tattoo no! :/ I like my flesh just the way it is! 😉 🙂 I just find the whole concept why people like getting one curious! 😉 🙂 I saw somebody get a tat that lights up on Facebook, well how does THAT work?! 😝😝😝😂😂😂 And do you believe everything Simon Whistler the owner of TopTenzNet said in his Youtube video, “The psychology of tattoos?” One of the entries he said was; “Less anxiety about death” really?! 😝😝😝😂😂😂

  10. Had a guy come to me for a 4 inch tribal tattoo in the shape of 2 S's, was quoted $500 at one shop and $350 at another…I told him $100, took an hour, and my quality is more established than the artists at both shops.

  11. genuine question at what point can you ask for an estimate for price cause I don't want them to start on a tattoo and then after realise I'm short

  12. Just because a tattoo is expensive dosent mean its good at all ! Maybe the shop is just really famous or on a busy place point. I go to the ukraine to do mine because i think they have good artists as well and its a lot cheaper

  13. Booked a Hannya mask for tomorrow and paid a £50 deposit but we never actually went over how much he charges per hour, upon doing research I learned that this is apparently one of two worst questions to ask a tattooist (How much do you charge/How long will this take) but now Im wondering if I have enough money for the 3 hours he booked he down, Im unsure if he charges £50-100 per hour or £100-£150 per hour haha

  14. Same thing for personal training, I am independent with 13 years of experience. I have a Portfolio of my clients weight loss and muscle gains. You pay for your results and you pay for my experience, advice and meal prepping . all you have to do is give effort and follow the program .

  15. I understand paying for experience, I understand having a minimum charge for equipment and such.. I don't understand why the minimum charge changes so drastically in some shops.. what are the shops that charge $100 for some small initials doing differently to the shops that charge 20, or 40.. at some point even experience and supplies do not explain a stupid price..

  16. I was once in a punk rock band called “discount tattoo”

    If you’re gonna wear it your whole life spend the money for a nice one.

    Thanks for posting this. The business side of tattoos is always awkward for me. Like how to know how much something will cost etc.

  17. It’s always worth spending a lot of money to get a good artist as it’s really not something you want to be done badly……. unless your drunk and on holiday and really want a cock tattoo lol

  18. So I’m wondering about what percentage of tattoo price is profit for the tattoo artist? I get ask you said they have to pay for equipment and I’m guessing there are some dues to the shop they are working in. But say a tattoo is 100$, approximately how much of that at the end of the day goes in the artists pocket?

  19. Every other trade has the same over head. And no one makes that much per hour . It's ridiculous. A master 35 yr Carpenter only makes 25-30 an HR an tattoo artist are charging 120$ psh . An not every artist is good 1 in 10 may be worth ,100$ hr

  20. You gotta remember, these guys are spending hours on end less than a foot away from you, and you may have gas or bad breath, you may not wear deodorant. I'm sure if I have the patience.