How Much Is Too Much? | Tattoo Artists Answer

Tattoo artists talk about how much it too much when it comes to tattoos and getting tattooed.

What do you think is too much? Let us know in the comments!

Artists in this video:
Carlos Torres:
Anali De Laney:
Lisette Martinez:
Kevin Boudreau:
Sara Fabel:
Guy Aitchison:
Mark Wade:
Bobby Cupparo:
Teej Poole:
Pony Lawson:
Tye Harris:
Courtney Raimondi:
Alexandra Fische:
Jesse Levitt:
Ruben Barahona:
Joe Smith:
Nikki Simpson:
Yomico Moreno:
Steve Butcher:
Dave Paulo:

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  1. 00:06 Hard disagree :') I have a very calm/chill personality but plan to get heavily tattooed. Why would you need a big personality for that? Big tattoos+small personality=nice middle balance 😉

  2. this is entering the realm of intersectionality, you can see it in the responses. Thought I had on maintaining an inclusive stance if your pro body modification can tattoos enter onto the same level as people doing scarification n such, i haven't looked in years but id imagine with biohacking growing its only gotten more expansive, just my 2 cents.

  3. Joe smith literally seems like the most friendly down to earth guy bro😭 like I’m trynna imagine him talking to these companies in such a calm manor n them still not accepting him

  4. For me, this video sums up perfectly the concept that there is a tattoo artist for everyone. The key is putting in the research. If there is a tattoo that you want… put in the effort to find the artist who will work with you to achieve that. Not all tattoo artists are the same!!

  5. I wish all this amazing tattoo information was available when I was getting my first tattoos at 16,17& 18. I’m a 32 year old with tattoo regret and not enough money to get amazing tattoos over them 😔

  6. Tired of these tattoo artist acting like they walk on water, look at most of their ink. It’s garbage, there are
    Very few who are good and fewer with good attitudes.. get over yourself,, you do half ass work on people that you trace or get off line… your not that important

  7. I guess it's like doctors being really hesitant about permanently sterilizing people. They may know exactly what they want and believe they won't change their minds, but you have seen enough people have major regrets over the years to want to take the responsibility of doing that work. That being said, if you are an adult, you make your own decisions and you live with the consequences of those decisions. You may regret it with all your heart later, but you should never blame anyone else for the choices you made. If I was a tattoo artist and some 18 year-old kid wanted his entire face tattooed, I would refuse because I know that most people are not going to be forever psychologically same person they were when they were 18. I do think that there should be a law that you cannot legally tattoo a person's face until they are 25. That might not work legally, but if they can make it illegal to drink alcohol until 21 or rent a car until you are 24, I would think they could do this.

  8. 1:25 Guy Aitchison = Useful advice for virgins
    1:45 Sara Fabel = Presents advice from a medical perspective
    In a perfect world, a tattoo might impart or suggest a compliment to it's owner, not spurn petty judgements, disdain or malice of others.

  9. Not a fan of the full face tattoo but I would 100% get tattooed by that dude. It shows such dedication to the craft and I would feel safe with his work.