Hey guys. Does anyone know the meaning of this tattoo?

Hey guys. Does anyone know the meaning of this tattoo?

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  1. I dunno, play on the saying:see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil…( or however it goes) meanwhile evil is right there behind… but that’s what I got from it. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  2. To me, I see a follower of a church that refuses to see the evil it’s doing (and the nun is also doing as well probably – “just following orders”) and is also telling other people not to talk about it, all the while being controlled by her master’s, i.e the Pope. Residential schools in Canada come to mind when I see this tattoo.

  3. Looks like a variation of The Swords album art Apocryphon. Looks cool!

    “Apocryphon was a greek term for a genre of Jewish and Early Christian writing that were meant to impart secret teaching or gnosis that could not be publicly taught”

  4. The devil is the puppet master pulling the strings in the church. The clergy is blind to its own hypocrisies and the hushing is symbolic of shaming their victims into obedience and silence telling them that the “meek shall inherit the earth” to keep them from speaking out.

  5. I personally see blind obedience. Churches can be very corrupt, in this it looks like that’s the case but she’s following blindly, and ignoring/shushing the evil within her faith

  6. This is called “silence of the virgin nun”
    The original is a post-renaissance lithograph rendered in carbon graphite. It depicts Sarah, the virgin nun, sister of Mary. She is often shown with a finger over her mouth, representing the silence of the clergy over matters of corruption by the Mother Church, here represented by the old decrepit hands of the puppeteers.
    Also important to note; that it’s also very possible that this piece is just a random sketch by some random person on Pinterest, and doesn’t actually “mean” anything because I just made all that shit up.

  7. Those who blindly follow a church or a religion, don’t say anything if something of the rules seems wrong in today’s world and forget the essentials of faith are only puppets in the end and will remain blind in life.

  8. I see at as a nun being a representative of the church and of purity with an evil hand herself calling for silence and the devil pulling the strings in the back like she is marionette