Help me figure out my next tattoo on my back!

Help me figure out my next tattoo on my back!

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  1. So these are my two tattoos on my back, one on each shoulder blade. I want to make these two blend together naturally. It’s already on the Nordic mythology theme but I dont want it to be excessive on that theme since many people have scewed opinions regarding the mythology. There’s a lot of racist groups and some that are often connected to nazizm using names and characters from this religion unfortunately.

  2. Also, Frejya is a beautiful goddess of love and beauty. Iā€™m betting you could have someone draw a great picture of her or find one online. Or Valkyrie.

  3. Its the horns on the helmet for me šŸ˜‘. Very well done tattoos tho for sure just horns arent accurate due to somewhat recent finds lol. Regarding the comment you said nordic style tattoos and nazis taking certain symbols. Dude if you love norse mythology TRULY who cares? If someone asks you what certain runes/symbols mean then you just simply educate them quickly. Ive come to find out not many people ask or care. The people of the nordic religion are trying their hardest to reclaim whats theirs from those dumb founded nazis. Only about a handful of things did the nazis take from the norse mythology anyways. I just wouldnt get a lonely “othala” rune on your face lol.