Have You Made One of These Tattoo Mistakes? | Tattoo Artists React

Since your tattoos are going to be with you for a little while—the rest of your life—it’s important that you don’t make one of these amateur mistakes when you’re getting inked. Our panel shares their insight about what you can do to ensure that you end up with the best tattoo you could possibly have.

Normally we film Tattoo Artists React at a tattoo convention. We spend two days running around, grabbing people from their booths and asking them a bunch of different questions. COVID obliterated all of our plans, but we pressed on! During lockdown the only way the Inked team talked to each other was via video chat, so we figured, why not do the same thing for our beloved Tattoo Artists React series. Naturally, there were some challenges. It’s a little awkward not being in the room with our friends. And everybody’s home technology set-up is wildly different, so the perfectionist in us was a bit peeved about video quality. That being said, connecting and speaking with some of our favorite tattooers was invigorating. It was especially nice to talk about all of the nutty experiences that take place in tattoo shops around the world at a time when they were all closed. This season looks a lot different from any of the prior seasons, but that’s OK. You’ll still be laughing until your insides hurt at Kelly’s stories, you’ll still coo at every pet that ends up on screen and you’ll still be able to argue with each other in the comment section. New episodes will be posted every Friday. This is Tattoo Artists React – Pandemic Edition.

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This season’s stars:
Sara Fabel
Danny Lepore
Kelly Doty
Travis Ross
Lemeir Mitchell
Miryam Lumpini
Gian Karle
Landon Morgan
David Corden
Cavan Infante
Bobby Cupparo
Zac Scheinbaum
Jimmy Snaz
Nikki Simpson
Kevin Laroy
Robbie Ripoll
Jerrel Larkins
Omar Fame
Luca Font
Killian Moon

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  1. These artist have now become the annoying bitch customers they've hated so much.. you are being paid to do a job, you're not all rockstars, there's plenty of you speaking highly and your work doesn't back it up. I get people are cunts, but a lot of these videos have you guys sounding like that. Yeah people need to know how much it is, they're gonna have zero direction, that's part of your job to lead them right, just like a plumber, or electrician. Just sayin'

  2. For some people, price is a real concern because you just don't get the opportunity to save much. Some people are paycheck-to-paycheck. It isn't always about being cheap, it's about seeing what your options are because you are limited financially. If your "shop minimum" is greater than their budget, just let them know so they can spend elsewhere or continue to save.

  3. A few years back this fuck boy I knew got a clock tattoo of a well known giant clock in our city and thought he was the most unique, genius person ever lol . Now clocks are everywhere apparently

  4. I'm starting to hate listening to these videos.. lol they make me feel like I can't say a damn fucking thing about what I want to put on MY body. Im not a control freak, but I do have a general idea of what i want. Makin me feel like its illegal Haha

  5. Unsolicited advice? How dare someone question these artists or ask about the drawing or want to add or change something. It’s not like it’s permanent or anything

  6. Does anybody else feel a difference between ‘get a tattoo from me’ and ‘get tattooed by me’? I’m not sure which I prefer… a treasure that the artist had inside themselves and brought out for me? Or more of a collaboration where the canvas is organically part of the outcome? Just food for thought…

  7. Just because the artist can draw what you want better doesn't mean its what the artist wants. Just because you can draw the potato people my nephew draws better than he can doesn't mean I want your rendition instead

  8. It would be my dream come true to have these tattoo artists roast the hell out of my tattoos. 🤣 I literally have some ridiculous things.

  9. I disagree about asking about price. I’m a self employed artist myself, so if I’m getting inked, it’s a luxury I’m saving up for. If my tattooist says “that’ll be £500” then I know how much to save up. Sometimes the sessions are shorter and easier for me to budget for. Not all of us have bottomless income and you should encourage people to budget and be realistic about what they can afford and when.

  10. Reverse memento? Wouldn’t that be just…regular time? Since the movie is told backwards? Or isn’t she talking about the movie at all? I‘m confused…

  11. i understand what she means by cohesiveness, but i personally think for me I just want to get tattoos as i go. I am going to theme my arms but not like have them be one style. my right arm is gunna be cat themed and my left arm will be death and beauty etc

  12. I rushed for personal reasons my second/last tattoo. I don't regret it, but I made sure it was a bare bones type of tat that was semi-finished looking. That way, as it ages, I have my art focal point AND a tat that I know can be finished later… its got some scarring, but I liked how it did… I did sarification as a teen, and would love to see how they feel under a tat to update the designs… I'm a texture as well as visual kind of person. A heavy hand is bad, but in the right areas… I plan to get a brick and stone pond somehow. I'd love the stones and lichen to have texture. I can handle short amounts of pain, but it tickled at one point last time… I had to stop for a sec for that so I could get the giggle out and breath. Lol
    So many ideas, but its been over 6 years since I got this one…

  13. See, my biggest problem is, since I'm an artist myself, I can only ever see my own art being put on my body. Obviously I can't tattoo myself, so how am I to get my art put on my body without offending another artist? (i.e. the tattoo artist)

  14. I have a gothic S on my right arm, I don't hate it, I got an S because my man is called Shaun. I know this sounds bad but we're still together after 13 years

  15. When I hear that people that ask for the price are labeled "price shopping" and put money over art I always think: "But when you finished with your tattoo I am sure you expect for the customer to have enough money to pay for said art". Tattoos are art, hands down but when you sell your art you have to accept that people ask for how much you do that. It is cheap for a customer to try and haggle but just asking how much it will cost is not.