HAPPY NEW YEAR!! My New Tattoo Shop Buildout! Sunshine State Tattoo in South Florida

Hey guys Glad to finally be able to post this for y’all to see!!!
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  1. Hi Tyler your new tattoo place is so awesome. That salt water tank, and fish are so beautiful. That is a big star fish. Do you have any eel's. That burnt wood looks so fantastic. I hope that you get your sign soon. Cindy

  2. Your shop is lovely I want a tattoo but scared as my sister passed out getting hers and am not a big fan of needles lol hope everything is going great hun stay safe

  3. It makes me so sad to see how excited n hard u all busted ass to get this shop goin not knowing what was comin. Now it’s almost 11 months after this video filmed n damn Covid happened n screwed up 2020. It makes me feel so sad for u 💜💙

  4. your channel has been a GREAT find on the Tube!
    was looking for this new shop vid in your list…. insane!!! but i had to laugh at that last comment… "2020 is gonna be great!!" &*^*&^% Rona… anyway! top stuff bud! love the animals and your attitude on film!! top stuff!