Getting chest/back done in the same day, any advice for how I keep these wrapped at night?

**I’m getting my chest and back tattooed in 2 days, in the same sitting and need advice on how to wrap/care for these areas. (no SANIDERM available)**




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  1. So I’m guessing this will be a multi session piece? The first and maybe second session will be where you have issues. Personally I wouldn’t wrap them (too awkward) and just have some clean towels on the bed. Sandwich yourself between two pillows and sleep on your side. Chances are you’re going to feel too sore to get a good sleep that first/second night anyways.

  2. Keep it clean and wear a clean t-shirt that you don’t care about to bed. When my full back piece was lined that what i did since it would have been like 200bucks worth of Saniderm to cover it. Lol. No issues with mine at all.