Full color tattoo scabbed need advice

I got this piece 12 days ago and think my skin split right there on her eye. It’s sore and scabbed. Will this completely ruin the color? How can I help this heal better? I’ve been using unscented lubriderm lotion twice a day but it still feels dry. I emailed my artist (only way he’ll let me get a hold of him) but he doesn’t Answer quickly and he takes days to respond. I really wasn’t happy with how he charged me and I really don’t want to have to go to a touch up from him. If I need a touch up will I be able to get it done with another artist? Thank you I’m trying not to stress out.

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  1. Just keep it lightly moisturised til it heals and assess it then. You’ll need to go to the original artist to touch it up otherwise a different artist either won’t touch another’s work or they’ll charge you for it.

  2. Where on your body is it? This has happened to me in the “crease” part of a joint like my knee ditch the area between my hip and groin. So high motion areas with thinner skin. I did need to have mine touched up and I think certain areas are more prone to it. I wouldn’t automatically assume the artist did something wrong.

  3. yes that scabbed portion will 100% need to be fixed. just keep it clean and moisturized while it heals. idk about going to another artist, most don’t want to fix someone else’s art and I’d worry about them not correctly matching the color.

  4. Looks like it was way over-worked. Just leave it alone, keep it clean and moisturized, DO NOT PICK at it.

    Sadly, from the looks you may have to have that spot touched up/re-done as others have said.