Follow-up Armpit flower by Kostas Tzikalagias, Dirty Roses Tattoo, Greece

Follow-up Armpit flower by Kostas Tzikalagias, Dirty Roses Tattoo, Greece

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  1. So, the original plan was to do the exact same thing you saw in the original post on the other side the very next day. Well, the actual initial plan was to do what you re seeing right now (the flower + connecting it to the rest) on two consecutive days, each side a day. In reality I quit after the flower was done on the first day, so we were going to just do the flower on the other side and connect everything at a later point.

    After the first day I woke up and got a taste of what the healing process is going to be like for the next couple of days. Basically it’s just uncomfortable all the time because of the constant movement and you basically keep touching it all the time. It’s fine otherwise, but you cant just ignore it most of the time, like you usually can with fresh tattoos.

    It just didnt seem smart to deal with the other side simultaneously. Admittedlt I also just didnt feel rested enough after the first session to take that kind of pain again on the very next day.

    So, we decided to do the background and connect the initial flower to the rest of the bodysuit and just leave the other side for my next appointments. Hope you enjoy the results.

  2. Do you keep your armpits shaved? Do others? Just curious ’cause I’m hairy as fuck and wonder if I should keep my arm shaved to show my ink.

    Also, this is a nice tattoo! 😅

  3. These always fascinate me. Full body tattoos I think look awesome. But my number one question is always, how the hell do you afford it? Lol my local tattoo shop charges so much that it puts me off.

  4. I just did my upper/inner arm last night and I have no idea how you could endure this. I was squirming around just getting even near the armpit. Looks so dope though.

  5. Super jealous of that sleeve. I’ve been wanting something similar, but I’m not sure if it’d affect me since I work as a kindergarten teacher. Gonna have to do some research and see what people say

  6. Fucking love this, dude.
    I imagine you can’t use second skin type healing products on a spot like that. Were you keep a paper towel in your armpit to catch the blood/ ink being pushed out or how did you approach that?

    I’ve ruined a few sets of bed sheets with blood and ink, so just curious!

  7. Wow that Looks Fantastic !
    not a fun healing – wish you a swift recovery!
    I could not do a background the next day on tender area
    curious about the rest of your art , Love how this flows