First Big piece! full leg done In one long and painfull Day.

First Big piece! full leg done In one long and painfull Day.

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  1. Jesus. That is too much for one day. Respect but I don’t know any tattooers who would agree to that. Is that fresh? It looks like it’s already healed and I’m curious how long and uncomfortable that healing process was.

  2. I started a leg sleeve and started with outer thigh. Not looking forward to the inner thigh or knee cap down. You wild getting that in one day. Looks amazing though OP.

  3. Hope you have a wheelchair on standbye because you won’t be walking for a few days hahahah. Respek tho

    Also kudos to the artist for being able to tattoo for that long

  4. Thanks everyone for the appreciation of it. I’ll just clarify a few things.
    It was done in 1 singular day and not including breaks I was in the chair for 14 hours. (Was 1 artist and he was a champion)
    The place I went to is in Bali, know for the amazing work but also are they are prepared to stay long hours and work deep into the night as they are a tourism spot and people do fly here just for there tattoos.
    The most painfull spots hands down are behind the knee, knee cap and inner thigh.
    I could barely walk the next day with a swollen leg but day 2 after I was fine.
    The healing process was as smooth as I could hope for slight itching from days 3-10 and I’m 5 weeks done now and it looks perfect with no loss of detail.
    Thanks again everyone.