Fell on the 1st of May, and scraped my arm a little. Got a tattoo appointment for this arm on the 11th. Will it be ok to tattoo over with 10 days of healing? None of them are deep I would say, all seem pretty flat & healing alright.

The glossiness/peeling is savlon healing gel not my skin – just an FYI.
My tattoo artist is visiting & very busy, I booked months in advance, so it would be VERY hard to move our appointment I imagine… I did email her but I was just seeking some opinions here too before she gets back to me. Additionally if you’ve got any advice on faster healing let me know – I’ve been using savlon advanced healing gel so far, and an antiseptic spray. I considered hydrocolloid patches but worried it would slow healing down, and considered homeoplasmine.

Pls help I’m so stressed 😭

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  1. Wash it regularly with non-fashionable soap.

    I’ve found Germaline Second Skin to be amazing (but painful) for healing cuts and keeping them cleen. Super glue if you’re feeling cheap.

  2. You may be ok, depending on how you heal. I know I would likely have to push my appt if I was in your shoes as I’m on a couple meds for my RA that slow my healing a bit. Best bet would be to call or stop by and talk to your artist. They would be the ultimate authority on whether they could do the work or not.