Famous Tattoo Artist Opens Tattoo School

It is possible to learn how to tattoo in just two weeks. Meet the instructor and a new group of tattoo artist hopefuls are starting their journey at Eternal Pin Tattoo School, learning step by step how to tattoo.
They decided that they don’t have the time to get taken advantage of in a traditional apprenticeship. Today is the day that a new career can be born!

ETERNAL PIN is a series showing the inner workings of a tattoo school from the struggles to the successes.

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Created by Andrew & Rachel Stortz

THANK YOU to all involved in this episode:
Freddy Corbin
Buck Collings
Brian DiPietro
Randi Gravelle
Phil Miles
Mike Hartney

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  1. yeah I wish I could see tattoo artist being recognized and wishing they had tattoo school in college. i'm really good at art, but I wanna learn from the right people how to tat. cause I've seen first time tats and people were drunk and didn't care. "yeah, practice on me". nah, I wanna make a better first tattoo then that