Extremely Impressive Watercolor Tattoos 🎨 Ink Master

Watercolor tattoos scare even the most experienced Ink Master artists, but when done correctly, canvases end up with stunning pieces of art on their bodies β€” here are some of the best.

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  1. Let's all just take a second to appreciate this show. It has the ability to take outstanding artists, showcase them, and help them improve their already amazing abilities. Kelly , Ryan, and Nikki all of their work has only gotten better since the show, same with most other contestants. Even if someone doesn't win, the experience alone makes them a better tattoo artist. Love this show!

  2. I agree that Nikki's tattoo looked more like watercolor and hit the challenge perfectly but man, Kelly's wolf is absolutely gorgeous.
    Screw Ink Master, Kelly should've won that season, she's an amazing tattoo artist.

  3. I liked the wolf but the features were out of whack. The ears and muzzle were dispropotionate. The heart was better the better of the two. It didn't even look like a tattoo. The entire tattoo appeared to be water paint directly painted onto the skin, black lines included. I think they made the correct choice for both of the women. They understood the assignment. Ryans goldfish πŸ’― was on point.
    πŸ πŸ–ŒοΈ

  4. I actually liked every single watercolor they showed on this video. Idk what the judges are talking about. That watch was amazing. But yeah Nikki and Kelly were the best

  5. Okay my biggest question who is the third guy judging and why isnt he shown ? Around 6 mins i am talking πŸ˜… . Who's the third judge?????
    Edit : i got my answer it's oliver peck . He did some blackface thing in past and has been removed from the show and it's videos too i guess. That is wrong tho but can't do anything !

  6. Imagine getting a tattoo and then watching this show and seeing the artist talking shit about you and you gotta have their art on your body forever πŸ˜‚

  7. Nicky’s tattoo looks muddy to me and lacks contrast. But what do I know.
    I just go by what I would wear on my own body πŸ₯΄ The Wolf was the winner for me.