Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Tattoo | Dos and Don'ts

Everyone has to start somewhere. Even the most heavily tattooed people started off with their first tattoo and many of them probably could have benefited from a little advice. There’s a lot to consider and understand when it comes to your first tattoo, whether that be placement, pain or finding the right artist. Allow tattoo artists Lisette Martinez and Kevin Boudreau be your guide into the world of tattooing, as they’ve helped countless clients with their first pieces. Let us know in the comments what you think of this video and tell us about your first tattoo!

This Video’s Stars:
Lisette Martinez
Kevin Boudreau


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  1. I WISH I could get tattoos on my forearms … I had this wonderful, beautiful, nerdy (and probably cliché but who cares) idea, but I'm a med student and would like to work in a field where I'll be wearing scrubs, so the tattoos will be visible, and I read that a lot of hospitals still have a no tattoo policy – an outdated one at that, since patients tend to be a bit more open-minded these days. So now I'm worried about not getting hired if I get the forearm tattoos I wanted and have to resort to a different design on my shoulder. Which I also like … but I'm still incredibly bummed out that I don't really get to choose. Because a bunch of enlarged prostates that run German hospitals has decided that medicine is only a place for a specific type of person.

  2. the shoulder where you can cover it up if you want was my first tattoo! I also didn't really plan the before or after with food, I ate a somewhat light breakfast and had water. I'm also prone to fainting when I have low blood sugar and get stressed/anxious, but I was completely fine

  3. My sister told me that getting a tattoo felt like a cat scratch and as someone who has a few cats and had just gotten a new kitten, was like, oh yeah, that's not that bad. The pain was worse then I thought, though to be fair my first (and currently only) tattoo was in the wrist area which my other friend said was the most painful spot out of all of hers including the one she got done behind her ear so, here's to hoping the next one is better, and at least this time I'll know what it's going to feel like going in.

  4. It's so refreshing seeing tattoo artists not be pieces of shit on bigger platforms and shit on first timers and people with like anxiety or commitment issues and stuff… A huge chunk of the reason I have no tattoos is anxiety and seeing so may shitty humans online that are tattoo artists which makes anxiety worse over thinking that I'll get that artists that isn't willing to work with me and isn't understanding it anxiety and I'll end up with tattoo I hate

  5. I actually went into all my tattoos thinking the pain wouldnt be as bad as it was. I just put myself into a mental state of once it starts its just a matter of time before it ends.. and its permanent. Kind of just easier to deal with it that way. Love artists that are easy to talk to bc that really makes the time go by faster.

  6. my daughter just payed $3000 as a deposit for her back tattoo and got scared and changed her mind..sadly the lady has it on her terms and conditions that it's non refundable..ny girl has worked minimum wage for ages and its all gone..I am so sad for her..

  7. Biggest tip I can give anyone going for thier tattoo, is TALK. TALK TALK TALK with your artist, have a conversation, it literally made 4/5 hours go so quickly and you hardly pay attention to most of the pain. Of course some areas hurt more than others, but I found talking distracted me the most personally 🙂