Ear piercings at tattoo parlors

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  1. My last 4 piercings that I went to a body piercing place. My other 7 piercings were done by a gun. I prefer in getting piercings with a needle instead of a gun.

  2. Yeah, i used to work at an icing/ claires. And all of my piercings are from there but i ALWAYS have issues with them, as they use very very cheap plastic piercing guns, and they get jammed very easily. So for everyone, GO TO A WELL KNOWN TATTOO SHOP INSTEAD.

  3. I love how they show tattoo shops as dangerous my mom worked at one and I remember hanging out in there learning about different religion jobs and it always smelt nice in there I went to a few parties there which were fun the art work wasn't graphic like I have good memories there I went quite a bit lol

  4. Piercing guns cause blunt force trauma, it rips through the skin. Which is why a lot of people who have piercings by guns have knots in or around the hole(scar tissue) or the skin around the piercing is darker(hyperpigmentation).
    A piercing needle is MUCH sharper, and a much finer point. They’re tapered so they don’t rip through the skin, it’s more like parting it. I’ve had piercings done both with needles and guns, and the pain is worse with a gun, and the healing time with guns is much longer. There’s also a lot more pain post pierce as well

  5. Went to claires to get my ears pierced twice, they hurt and didnt heal for WEEKS. the gun is definitely not for me. Hopefully going to a tattoo place will be better!

  6. In a few weeks my mom is taking me and my friend down to a tattoo parlor to get my ears pierced! Tattoo parlors are way more sanitary than any other places

  7. I have no clue why people think tattoo parlors are ‘shady’ or ‘intimidating’. It makes me a bit upset. If you think logically, they probably have a degree in art and are more experienced or professional. Idk about Claire’s or malls though. 🤔