Done in Colorado at Cactus Coven. How’s shading? Info and questions in comments

Done in Colorado at Cactus Coven. How’s shading? Info and questions in comments

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  1. I can kind of understand what you’re saying, the color pallete is more subtle and not vibrant. It’s not a bad thing because it looks amazing, but it is missing that dynamic pallette that I think you’re wanting.

  2. My only opinion since you are looking for it is: i’m concerned on how it will fade over time, it looks like they can punch in more color in a second session but other than that it is a technically solid tattoo

  3. I think what might be throwing you off is the neck, the perspective is front facing based on the collarbone, but that line of shading on the shadow on the neck from the left shoulder makes it look like her head is turned from the *back* … that is whats throwing me, though the lower lashes isnt quite right either, the waterline combined with the bluntness of the lashes drags the face down too. Still a gorgeous tattoo though, the hair is lovely

  4. some will like your tattoo some won’t. every tattoo if you look at it too long and too closely has its problems no matter what because we are humans getting tattooed by humans.

    that said your tattoo looks nice. if you zoom in like under a microscope of course you will find flaws. it’s a balanced composition though.

    will this age nicely? yes. your artist did a good job with lines. could it use more black? yes. some stuff is too light but that is an incredibly easy fix. some of the leaf/flowerwork could be more defined in my opinion.

    your tattoo is a week old as you said it’s not even done healing. ignore it the next 2 months honestly. stop obsessing.

  5. My two issues are the border and the outline. I hate the border. It’s really distracting and why does it border everything except her hair? It runs through there. Weird.
    The outline around the thistle and the leaves where it stops is wrong. You need to keep the black line for continuity and definition. Those are the biggest things I see. Other than that she is an attractive looking wood nymph (my guess because of the thistle).

  6. I think the biggest and most noticeable problem with this tattoo is that it looks as though the character is supposed to be looking over her shoulder but it comes off as a front facing photo because of the shading around the collar bone area. The hair on the right and left side of the bottom looks as though it shouldn’t be there at all. It’s as though her head is turned all the way around.

  7. I posted this before, but I am unsure of if the shading on this. Is the definition good? Do the colors pop? Should the boarder be filled in? I am thinking about having some adjustments to it but I want to know reddits opinion. Everyone says it looks good in person so I just want to make sure. How do you think this shading will heal and age? I am happy with the girl and the hair. It’s just the background that I am unsure of. In the sun some of the background (the blue) looks like different shades. Am I overthinking? Should I let it heal more? It’s only a week old. Last pic is right after it was finished