done by jayc at LES tattoo in sacramento. LOVE IT! will be adding shading to sun

done by jayc at LES tattoo in sacramento. LOVE IT! will be adding shading to sun

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  1. it’s super cute i recommend maybe finding a different artist for the shading though as this one doesn’t seem to have the best line work and i’m scared the shading will come out patchy

  2. Honestly the moon sticks out, not being too round and lines could use some work but this ain’t an easy place to tattoo so technically it’s still ok. Also, with more dynamic in how you arranged the stuff around the middle part, it would look probably more interesting instead of doing all the same size basically.

  3. It’s always so interesting to see comments on this sub, especially on more stylized art. The combination of I love it/nicely done and I hate it/badly done, especially on tattoos that are not conventional or are in a different in style, is fun to read.

    Personally, not a fan. Does it matter? Nope 😀

    Thanks for sharing! Happy that you like it!

  4. I think this is pretty cute. You’re a trooper for getting this area done. I’ve got a piece from my hip too my opposite shoulder. Sternum is no walk in the park, that’s for sure

  5. Wow this is such an impressive piece – I always love sternum pieces anyway but this is just so cool and so large too – you really didn’t hold back with how large you went with jt. Did it take long overall, and did you just get it done recently? And is it just some shading you will be adding tk finish it or would you be actually extending it any more also?

  6. “bad” and “good” regarding artwork is completely subjective. I think it’s a pretty cool piece, screw the haters. Aesthetically pleasing and covers the space well. I kind of like that the moon isn’t a perfect semi circle tbh. Adds to the conceptual contrast of yin/yang, moon/sun.