'Does Tattoo Longevity Matter?' Will Your Tattoos Last? | Tattoo Artists React

Everybody knows tattoos last forever… except when they don’t. With the advancements in various tattoo styles (micro tattoos, bright colors, fine line etc.) people aren’t always expecting to have their ink looking fresh forever. Back in the day, having a tattoo fade away was an unforgivable sin, so we asked our panel of artists if things have changed in today’s tattoo scene.

Welcome to Season 16 of Tattoo Artists React!

I bet you thought you were going to have to wait months and months for our next season, didn’t you? Nah, brah, we’re pumping out seasons of Tattoo Artists React faster than “Law & Order” creates spinoffs. This time around we’re going to be asking our artists about the hardest spots on the body to tattoo, which styles they wish would come back into style and more. We’re also going to be showing them some of the craziest mugshots on Earth, hear their craziest client stories and so much more.


Alisha Gory
Anna Gabrielle
Anthony Christian
Bryan Guterrez
Cam Pohl
Deanna Maffeo
Isaac Pelayo
Jack Poohvis
Jake Gordon
Jaz Paulino
Jimmy Inks
Joe Smith
Johnny Nobody
Lalo Yunda
Mattia Bretti
Melody Mitchell
Michelle Santana
Oba Jackson
Pony Lawson
Raphael Ortiz
Roly T-Rex
Tiffany Perez

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  1. My tattoo artist I'll go in, show him what I want and he goes "well imma do this so it doesn't blend together over time" and im just yeah sure okie. I don't even fight it, he knows whats best

  2. so I'm just curious… I think the single needle tattoos are gorgeous and I'd like one but I obviously want it to last until I'm 100… so I'm just guessing here… thicker lines or touch ups would be the way to go?

  3. I have been wanting to cover up some scarring and wanted to know if anyone has experience with cover up tattoos. Does the scar tissue take the ink or does it fade faster?

  4. I have 2 20 year old tattoos on my back. They both still look good, except the one that had color, no longer does, it faded completely. So now I stick with mostly black and grey. But 20 more years, I'll be in my 60s, so I'm just happy getting whatever I want now.

  5. I moisturize and sunscreen. However, I think it would be weird to be old a wrinkled and sunspotted and have dark jumbled lines all over my body lol like If they fade, it’s whatever, I still love it and i know what it is and still love them. But yeah black ink is essential.

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  7. Not everyone wants their tattoo lasting… Shuuuuut up. If yoir saying this you don't belong in the trade. How can we do something in the past that held so well. And now its ok it doesnt? What the actual france!!! Its a testamnet to how poorly some artists tattoo. Those folk should get a shelve or desk job.

  8. I've seen so many prison style, India ink, scratch jobs that looked cool for like a year, but getting a good solid outline and some of the shading darkened back in did wonders for that old greenish faded tattoo

  9. Thick, dark, strong blackwork. This wishy washy bullshit is pointless! My artists does really dark and thick work. I have a tattoo from him over 10 years old and it barely looks any different today. Just ha d awhole backpiece done by him and I know full well that shit ain't going NOWHERE lol I only recently started moisturising every single day as well. I have a LOT of new work. In fact I have over doubled what I got this year alone. And I got LOT of work. It does make a difference, wish I'd have done it sooner tbh.

  10. I'm getting all American traditional, and I know in like 40 years it'll fade, but there is nothing cooler to me than a old guy covered in faded america traditional

  11. I get m ignore m let m weather. I don't want appliques. I don't want to worry about black work to look like a photoshopped piece. Go grizzle.

  12. YES! Tattoo longevity matters! I do my part, moisturizing and sunscreen. And I want my artist to apply work with the long haul in mind!

  13. I have a tattoo that is 36 years old and it still looks really really good it’s a traditional rose English Rose and it looks great still

  14. I've only known tattoos to be permanent. Everything will fade to a certain extent but damn punch it in. Thats the point of this amazing painful art.

  15. I have tattoos I don't care about and ones I do and for the most part, yeah I think you should be getting them to last. I understand wanting a temporary tat, but any good artist is going to do something that will last so you need to be ok with it either lasting, or looking like total shit in a few years

  16. I mean if I’m gonna spend hundreds of dollars on a tattoo and be in pain for several hours I would love for it to last, this why I go for traditional, neo traditional, blackwork and illustrative styles, especially if it’s gonna be in color I’d like to have black outlines and dark colors