Do They Have Good Tattoos Or Are They Just Famous ?! 2

Hello My Darlings!!!

In todays video I discuss my thoughts on some famous peoples tattoos!! Its a big ole meme that a lot of celebrities have bad tattoos so here i am seeing how true that all is!

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Strangers by Le Gang
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0

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  1. Hello my darlings!!
    This is my first edit using a different software so If there are any bad edits / cuts I’m sorry! Hopefully over the next few videos I’ll have the software mastered!!
    Thanks for your patience ❤️❤️❤️

  2. If I’m not mistaken, MGK’s backpiece is ‘the Temptation of Saint Anthony’ by Salvador Dali which is cool. Side note: (not that he, or many people for that matter, knew this) but Salvador Dali was a real POS (look up ‘the Enigma of Hitler’ by him) he legit said Hitler turned him on. Very very sus 💀

  3. As someone with a huge lil peep tattoo… Im nervous. His tattoos r not the best but I hope u like them
    Edit: You like the face tattoos thank god, thats what's on my skin for life so nothing else matters 🤣

  4. Her : Lil Peep's tattoos don't tell a story
    Me : Excuse me mam, the man is a literal story book tf you mean they don't tell a story

    (I'm just joking she doesn't know peep so obviously she'll be a bit confused by his tattoos, but every single tattoo is what makes Peep what he is, it's his whole personality put onto his body so that just made me go 👁👄👁 uhm what lol)

  5. Love love love your vids! Still making my way through them all. Personally, I love it when ppl have different style tattoos dotted about (granted one would want to consider good placement in general). Looks eclectic and is akin, imo, to someone loving a wide variety of music instead of being stuck on one style. There doesn't always have to be a "cohesive" story does there? Maybe the story is as simple as "I wanted this tat on me". Just like tattoos don't always have to be "meaningful", no one necessarily needs to stick with such a deliberate look all the time, imo. 🙂