Do tattoos like this last long?

Do tattoos like this last long?

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  1. The details like the teeth in the skull and the brickwork on the tower will definitely blur. Finger tattoos also tend to fade quickly due to light exposure and friction.

  2. Bold will hold… read that again… yes, they’ll stay but you’ll need touch ups done pretty regularly. Anything that bends a lot or rub on stuff a lot (elbow or knee for example) is going to fade much faster. Same goes for finger tattoos. Plus the skin there is naturally thicker so it’s harder for ink to hold. All in all a good rule of thumb (pun not intended) you should want whatever you decide to get for at least a year before getting it. Especially if you haven’t found yourself in a stable career etc.

  3. I had to get one retatted twice within a yr because a piece fell off. After having mine for 6 yrs now, there’s a slight fade but still pretty decent.