Buzzing to show you this video! its one of my best ways to teach myself how to pick up techniques from some of the worlds best artists, its always hard not working in a studio especially around good tattooists so this is a video explaining what I’m looking at!

If you would like to see more of these videos, then smash that like button! Theres hundreds of artists I can do theses videos on! and if there’s a particular artist you want me to breakdown then comment in the comments section!

My course is coming out end of this month finally! long over due! will be announcing it soon!
Anyway guys! hope your safe I’m still in lockdown, pulled my back and cant wait to get back tattooing!



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  1. This was so incredibly helpful!! Thank you so much for this video. Normally when I'm trying to learn I don't know the right questions to ask, it's like I watch but don't know what information I should be taking in, but you explaining what you're trying to digest was invaluable for my learning!

  2. I like watching these videos u put together like this definitely learnt about steady consistency in little dots in mag shades and even dots in spacing on stipple shading before I'd just move my hand in a steady motion and hope it would look decent but this kinda points out what your looking at visually when your building up shades…

  3. Can someone please enlighten me… the artists that build up the layers by being very light on the skin, how does the ink not just drop out because wouldn't that ink just sit in the epidermis? I know I'm definitely missing something..

  4. The way you teach is the best for me … I have learned a lot from you. I don’t have words for your kindness . You are the only god I can see … thank you so much sir … Love and respect from India 🙏

  5. Love your video’s Oliver, i just discovered your Channel and have already learnt a lot since, thanks for that. you think tattooing can sometimes give physical issues? Like with your back for example? Haha keep up the great videos and thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

  6. i could watch you talk tattoo everyday all day. thanks for spending the time you do on teaching. i did a shop apprenticeship for two years and i didnt learn anywhere to amount ive learned in 5 months of youtube and tattooing from home. idk now if i could ever go back to a shop, i use to get stressed out when 5 ppl would be standing over me watching me .. in silence. but your videos have taught me more than my mentor who tattooed for 22 yrs, just lost his passion. you still have it and it reads. so thanks again for being an international mentor to alot of people

  7. Great piece of work mate. Love the different artists and techniques you showcased here and the commentary was spot on giving great detailed explanations of all the work. Thank you so much for packing these great artists/techniques and explanations in one vid.

  8. @21:33 HAHA commits to the line all the way through cuz he is a F**ckin G hahaha that was so funny to me for some reason! love the video tho thanks man! I watch alot of your stuff an I tattoo all the way in Denver Colorado US, thanks for so much good stuff

  9. I appreciate this type of video. I have been an underground tattoo artist for some years now. And i am constantly learning and growing with the times. Although ive got a Cheyenne hawk pen that seems to shade real smooth but i cant get it to line for shit. So I just run a coil for all My Line work. Anyway youre a G for putting this content out. Now go get a woman to fix your back!!! Or i can send my ex girlfriend to take care of you and maybe even your friends friends! Jk well again thank you brother. Good Content!

  10. I have watched this video like 10 times already. And every time I watch it and not only this one, most of your videos, I get lots of new stuff to be mindful about and to learn. I guess this is because what I get from them is according with what I can actually see and understand with the level of the tattoos I am doing. The more experienced u get the more u will learn and see in those videos

  11. Do you use grey wash (made yourself or bought) for layering in the shading? Or just doing it all with black and then just more or less dots?

  12. Aston’s lines are done by using 14rs, 11rs which i laughed at but when i had that verified i started using the same and with my bishop wand liner my lines are perfect one pass, 👍🏻

  13. Thanks bro for your effort and hard work you put on each video you do. I’m loving your live videos and tutorials. Keep going with the channel!!!

  14. this is fucking awesome!! also, have you looked into doing a bit of yoga to strengthen your core and back? I know it may sound kind of wack, but ive found that doing 40 min a few times a week has been INCREDIBLE for my back and has allowed for me to sit and work for much longer without discomfort. These are the kind of tools that are gonna prolong our careers.

  15. In terms of shading, when you say alex sorsa is building the colour up by simply touching the tip of the needle on the skin, does that mean the needle is also going in 2mm as with lining? Guess what i am trying to ask is, when you shade can the needle depth vary

  16. This technique is EXACTLY what we learn in permanent makeup microblading. 1rl0.16-1rl0.35 3rl0.18-0.25 forward, backward, pendulum motion. To sum it all up.

    Don’t work chaotically, work segmentally, and the pixel distance is dependent on your hand speed matched with machine speed. Slow machine more spaced out pixels, faster machine closer pixels.

    Uflats create crisp lines. Light depth do not pass the dermis (for pmu). There’s your 5k course lol

  17. I think you did a real good job at putting emphasis on each technique performed. During the video I paused and had to go over the tattoo on my hand. And when I continued it. You were talking about exactly what I saw wrong. The consistency speed of my hand and the way I was shading. This video taught me to layer and keep light the shading. Thank you for the video. It was great.

  18. Im into the stippling Style and love it. When you do your stippling are you slowing down the machine. And what throw do You prefer ? Keep up the good work.