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First of all thanks so much for all of your support I’ve had loads of awesome comments! and I appreciate you all! I did this video for you all that asked how I stencil nowadays and I absolutely think its the way forward! when I filmed this video I thought you could use any tablet! which I was wrong about if you didn’t read the captions in video, you do need an iPad and an Apple Pencil! but you can pick up an old iPad for cheap! so hope you enjoy the video PLEASE SMASH THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON, PLEASE SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON TO Support the channel!
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  1. How did u record the whole process that you went through did u use screen record or..? I really want to know how if it doesn’t take up much of ur time thanks again and I loved the video

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  3. Does anyone has a solution to print stencil directly from iPad at the desired size in centimeters please? I googled it but I can’t find anything. I got PJ-673 wifi printer

  4. Your 6b pencil looks a little more solid. I think I’m missing something more in the updated version of procreate. My pencil still looks a little gritty after changing what you recommended in the video.

  5. is it possible to directly transfer the mirrored pattern on the tablet straight from the tablet to the printer? does there have to be a connection to a computer or wi-fi?

  6. Can you do a tutorial on the last part actually printing to the sketch and putting it to skin I'm really new at to this would love to see how you do it

  7. you could do this faster with an app like adobe illustrator or similar app… it will auto convert any image in to a line drawing SVG that you could use as a stencil
    great art nice job video!

  8. First and foremost I'm Truly Grateful for all you've provided us who are trying to learn and further grow in this tattoo industry Your one of a kind THANK YOU for all you've done, I Love seeing your work and Videos Thank You again for providing these tutorial videos and techniques. From WILMINGTON, CA90744

  9. im not a tattoo artist but i just ended up on this video looking for ideas for my first tattoo. this is amazing. just seems so much more productive then stenciling on paper. sweet

  10. Great video for young tattooers. One thing I think is important to note though….is zooming in super close can be very helpful to get those tight details. But keep in mind the size of the actual tattoo. You can’t zoom into the skin to see those tiny spots like you can on a tablet. Also, some of the very tiny shit won’t last n the skin. So use the zoom, it’s helpful! But always think about how much tiny details you’re picking out and how those will translate to the skin.

  11. Great video!! Do you use the purple color when you put it through the stencil machine? Just wondering if somewhere in your process you turn the purple to black for the stencil machine or if purple works fine? Thank you for your time