Did this design for my dad last year. what you guys think?

Did this design for my dad last year. what you guys think?

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  1. It’s kind of hard to read what it is and some of the lines are shaky. But the shading on the top of his head and in his ear is really smooth and looks nice

  2. Simplifying the design would’ve helped for the overall comprehension of the subject.
    The different lines are too similar and there’s not a whole lot of contrast.
    Some issues with technical application, if you’re going for bold graphics, make sure your lines are flawless; straight, evenly spaced and clean.
    Continue practicing, keep it simple and make your subjects pop!

  3. Readabiliy is one of thé most important thing for à tattoo.
    I’m sorry but I took 10 whole seconds to know what it was.
    A tribal stich isn’t a bad idea but the exécution is bad.
    Lines are jaded too which really make the tatto look cheap.
    And most importantly I dont think this tattoo will âgé well at all.

    Globaly for a beginner tattoist it isn’t that bad but condering you out it on you father, I kind pity him.

    However all of this isn’t valid if your father like it because is what counts.

  4. My understanding is Polynesian Tribal has special meanings for every pattern…I don’t think anyone who is a Polynesian tattooer or anyone who truly appreciates and honours the culture would slap “Stitch” in the middle of hundreds of years of tradition/deep cultural significance…I’d also like to take this time to remind people you need the ‘ in front of ‘ohana, otherwise it’s misspelt and you’re an idiot.

  5. If the idea was a subtle Stitch tattoo, then this design gets that across because it certainly doesn’t immediately jump out at you. However the patterns feel kinda crowded and a little too busy.

  6. Ohhhh took me like 3 min of turning my phone to figure out *it’s Stitch!* so tbh probably not very good, the point of a tattoo is showing off artwork on your body.

    This is a fucked up Lilo and Stitch mandala.

    Try harder, my uncle wasn’t even that good with a ghillie suit.

  7. Super busy shakey lines. If you made it more simple and focused more on being clean this would’ve been a much better tattoo. You could have just done stitch without all the surrounding clutter.