Did My Tattoo Heal Bad?

My artist suggested coconut oil for aftercare. However, I feel that the tattoo has not healed well and looks faded and disfigured in specifically the eyes.
[Here is photos of my tat now]( VS [When I had it done.](

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  1. I can tell from the fresh photo that red wasn’t fully saturated and black fades a bit when it heals. It’s never going to look at dark or vibrant as the day you get it

  2. it looks pretty good to me. black fades a little bit after a while, and color fades significantly faster, at least in my experience. as the ink settles into your skin, it will slightly expand, which is normal, and remember that tattoos also move with how the skin moves.

    i had a big piece with red in it done that healed a little patchily (although still looked awesome), i had it touched up and it looks even better now, but it will still not heal 100% uniformly. this is normal for colored tattoos.