Derm shield leaking + coming off 24 hours after new tattoo?

I just got a my fifth (but first colored) tattoo on Tuesday, June 21st around 4 pm. My artist applied Derm Shield to it after and said to leave it on for 2-3 days, which I planned on doing, but then around 1 AM in the early hours of Thursday, June 23rd, it started leaking and peeling off.
So I showered and took the rest off like the aftercare instructions said to do if this happened, but I’ve never had Derm Shield wrapping on any of my other tattoos, so I’m not sure if this part is completely normal?
I think some of the wrap didn’t come off my tattoo because it’s still shiny and cracked and doesn’t feel like my skin.
It is still pretty fresh and hurts too much to try and take it off, so I don’t know if I should just leave it and wait for it to come off, or try again in the shower tomorrow or the day after?


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  1. Edit: That isn’t derm shield it’s just your healing skin. If you want a second opinion go see your artist. Otherwise it’s best to wash with antibacterial soap 2-3x per day and let air dry. After 3+ days you can begin to put non scented lotion on the area after washing and let air dry. It’s best to pat dry the area with a paper towel then air dry not let the skin stay soaked and expect all water to evaporate.

  2. If it’s leaking it means the seal isn’t there anymore, meaning it’s not sterile anymore. Take it off – she shower will make it easier to take it off.