Deadpool done by Adrian Suez at Ink At The Bay, Monterey, CA.

Deadpool done by Adrian Suez at Ink At The Bay, Monterey, CA.

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  1. I would say the color is the only issue with it. It looks washed or faded away. My color in one of my pieces is similar to this contrqst/saturation wise. Good thing is it shouldn’t be hard for another artist to add some more color and really make this piece pop. It looks good to me, I don’t think it looks shaky or anything. Just a lil dullish for a red. Honestly I wouldn’t be disappointed if I was a fan and had it on me. I’ve seen some atrocious ones on here before. Your artist did an average job. These are the kinda tattoos we will get as regular people who don’t have the money to blow $2000 a session. Looks alright man, fuck everyone who says otherwise.

  2. It’s not bad in my opinion, I like it. I have a few tattoos with some shakey linework but I could care less cause overall it looks good and so does yours! Don’t overthink it. Seriously. I have cried after tattoos I thought I hated and analyzed way to much and now I could care less and love them all even my shitty ones. You will get used to it, it does not look bad whatsoever and you’ll get made compliments cause everyone loves Deadpool.