Day in the life of a TATTOO ARTIST at WORK | Rupi Kaur sleeve

In this video, I take you guys along with me to work – a day in the life of a tattoo artist – at work on a more chilled day! I started on a Rupi Kaur illustration inspired sleeve, and then did some other work things… I hope you guys enjoy the video and make sure to give my channel a follow and check out my socials.

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  1. If you went to college and apply to be a tattoo artist would that help you greatly? I'm unsure because when I googled "does a art college background help you becoming a tattoo artist?" And it kept saying I didn't need any requirements 😭

  2. hiya,do u use n cheyanne hawk machine?im old skool n use coil machines,bt i savn up 4 n rotary machine,n i luv usin intenze inks n ima freelance tattoo artist n i luv doin japanese n tribal tattoos,i am currently wrkn on my body suit n its gng hectic coz i havent gottn n tattoo in like 5 yrs n i startd my body suit in 2010 n met my wife n had to stop gettn inkd bt i wana start again bt i gna get numbn cream coz im 42 yrs old nw n im nt as strong physcially n mentally as i was wen i startd my body suit,so far ive got my arms almost covered n my back fully covered n my wife says i cant get animor tattoos bt ive wantdn body uit eva since i was like10 yrs old n i tattood myself wen i was 12 yrs old,also i highly recommend u shud watch lily lu channel on youtube,hes retired nw frm tattooin bt i wana go to psyland to complete my body suit,aniway,much luv

  3. I was literally talking about getting my sleeve today and then this popped up… and you're in Randburg… I'm in Roodepoort. What a happy coincidence.

  4. Hey hun! Recent to your channel but love it! Quick tip for your mask to stop it slipping making it tighter helps.. Cut the ear loops and tye them tighter πŸ’– I had to do that with mine.. I have a midget face lol