Craziest Client Stories | Tattoo Artists Answer

25 top tattoo artists share their craziest client stories from SWAT team busts to strange tattoos in strange places.

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  1. How would you get a semi while getting tattooed? Ryan Ashley is beautiful I love her she is all over my wall too and it was great to meet her she’s a lovely person

  2. Am I the only person very disturbed by how the last guy seems to have no empathy/respect towards a dead body and sees nothing wrong with stealing a head from a cemetery??? His only issue was maggots…. Not the fact that was a HUMAN HEAD? Wtf

  3. Laughing so hard at the swat team entering mid tattoo asking for his name 😂😂.. I can’t imagine a more memorable tattoo memorable tattoo experience 😭

  4. They left the best for last huh😅😅 Btw the most shocking thing out of all is that the Undertaker did not want to see a dead man’s head..i mean you are the Undertaker🤣🤣