Cookeville Tattoo Shops Custom Tribal Sleeve Tattoo in Less Than 3 Hours

Cookeville tattoo shops longest established artist Chuck Kail of Alley Cat Tattoo Cookeville TN does a full sleeve of custom tribal in less than 3 hours. The initial drawing took about 30 minutes but once the outline was started it was done in 3 hours with one 7 minute break taken halfway through.

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  1. @conveys7 i have always thought that tribal tattoo's where meant for intimidation to others when in battle,how scary do u think the new zelanders looks to the first whites to see them tattood all over pritty scary while waving the weapons around i would think but ur right today they r about lookin cool but must hurt like fuck to say they have absolutly no means would be a incorrect statement but to be on the realistic side of things todays tribal sleeves do have no real meaning but look good