Bring Back Tribal Tramp Stamps! Tattoo Trends We Want to Return | Tattoo Artists React

Styles come and styles go, even in a permanent art form like tattooing. But sometimes the stars align and one of our favorite styles comes back. It’s glorious. So we asked our panel of tattoo artists what tattoo style they are dying to see come back. We’re talking skin rips, tribal, tramp stamps… all the classics!

Welcome to Season 16 of Tattoo Artists React!

I bet you thought you were going to have to wait months and months for our next season, didn’t you? Nah, brah, we’re pumping out seasons of Tattoo Artists React faster than “Law & Order” creates spinoffs. This time around we’re going to be asking our artists about the hardest spots on the body to tattoo, which styles they wish would come back into style and more. We’re also going to be showing them some of the craziest mugshots on Earth, hear their craziest client stories and so much more.


Alisha Gory
Anna Gabrielle
Anthony Christian
Bryan Guterrez
Cam Pohl
Deanna Maffeo
Isaac Pelayo
Jack Poohvis
Jake Gordon
Jaz Paulino
Jimmy Inks
Joe Smith
Johnny Nobody
Lalo Yunda
Mattia Bretti
Melody Mitchell
Michelle Santana
Oba Jackson
Pony Lawson
Raphael Ortiz
Roly T-Rex
Tiffany Perez

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  1. Me hearing that y'all were born in 94 and 96… I graduated highschool in 97 😳… yay to my old school tattoo styles making a comeback!

  2. My mommy has tweety bird on one foot sitting minding his own business n then Sylvester like ready to grab him on the other one I was in such awe at the artist and my mom cool as shit

  3. So, Brett Schwindt did my chest; he's a terrific color artist who works in animated styles a lot. The whole time he was working he was talking about how good tribal is as a way to learn tattooing, because the lines are good and you pack black and learn biomechanics. At least now we're seeing more tribal stuff that's done well and hopefully that'll help a comeback.

  4. I have a tribal tramp stamp before it was called a tramp stamp….lol…my friend designed it and was there when I got it. Back in 1996….

  5. I absolutely love lower back tattoos on a woman, and I totally agree that the only reason people started hating them is because some asshole came up with a term to shame women who had them. They accentuate a beautiful part of the female body and I'm absolutely all for it.

  6. Bringing back wall flash definitely wouldn’t work now. Maybe in other areas but I know around here in my area every (good artist) is booked out for 6,8,10 months theirs no way to walk in and get a dope $150 flash piece.

  7. The first part is so true, when I got my first tattoo my mom went from “don’t get a tattoo they look trashy” to “hey do you want to get matching ones?” We love to see growth 🙂

  8. I reckon my arrow and feathers tattoo would be considered basic and shitty, but for me, I love my tattoos for what they mean to me, and the memory I have for where I was in my life when I got them, and how far I have come since then. I'm booked in for some more work tomorrow night, and I couldn't be more excited! It's just an awesome journey growing your ink and seeing how your own tastes and influences change throughout your life. Get what makes you happy, because tattoos are awesome, and you are awesome!

  9. I have a small tribal piece on my left bicep and a lower back tribal pattern tattoo. It just screams hey I got these tattoos in the 90s LOL