Best Tattoos SUPER COMPILATION | Ink Master

A look back at the best tattoos ever done on Ink Master, including Pinups, Illusions, Scar Coverups, and more.

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  1. This has definitely inspired me to get my shit covered & have a look at my 14 inch scar looked at, but the "ShotGun" blast on my legs looks cool as f#ck, so they are staying, a hell of a lot of scars are staying they like tattoos are the story of my life.

  2. If u do tattoos and cant freestyle and cant tattoo if your stencil rubs off stop your tracing front real artist can do it all like Chris Garver basically if you cant Gaver ink your not tattooing

  3. I'm sorry but that spine is really inaccurate. Compare his to a graphic of a human spine and they're very different the top gets much thinner and the bottom splays out before getting to the pelvis

  4. As someone who has bad arthritis in my hands and fingers, what kind of sick mind decides to tattoo their bones on the top of their arthritic hands?