Best Tattoos of Ink Master (Season 10)

Three teams led by three Ink Masters! What’s your favorite tattoo from season 10? New episodes every Tuesday at 10/9c on Paramount Network.

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  1. the editing is so bad 🙁 you can tell they chopped some of their reactions from different chops. the head shakes feel really unnatural

  2. Anthony’s tattoo was gorgeous. And his wife was actually quoting Brene Brown: “don’t puff up, don’t shrink […stand your sacred ground]. ❤️

  3. Has anyone else noticed that Oliver is like…never shown in these YouTube clips? This is the first time I've actually seen his face on this channel. You hear his voice a lot during the critiques, but you only see Navarro and Nunez. It's weird.

  4. Anthony is by far the best ink master too date, for only doing tattoos for just 5yrs is unbelievable. Can you imagine what his work will be like in just 10 more years.
    And it's not just his work, he is so calm and the way he comes across the way he holds himself, he does not knock people. And if others give him advice he takes it, he does not get offend when they say, oh just do this it will look better, he takes that advice and he runs with it, and that makes him a better artist.

    And that bug he did was amazing it looked 3D, and looked like it was about too fly away. I would love a tattoo from him anyday, an amazing young man he should be very proud of himself.

    And that head tattoo from DJ, wow talk about a head tattoo wow amazing and just so clean, really like his work as well.