Best Tattoo Artist Chair – TATSoul Mako Studio Chair

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In this video Floaty Lady unboxes and tests out the Mako Studio Chair by TATSoul.

Available at or

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Support the channel through buying some merch! (Free Shipping!)

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Dynamic Black Ink:
Dynamic White Ink:
Dynamic Triple Black Ink:
Dynamic Heavy White Ink:
Dynamic Grey Wash Ink Set:
Ink and Cartridge Tray:
Ink Cups:

Needle Cartridges-
Starter Set (Rhein):
Liners (Elite II):
Shaders and Mags (Elite II):

Tattoo Machines-
Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine:
EZTAT2 Dagger V2:

Power and Batteries-
Bronc Power Supply:
Clip Cord (RCA Cable):
Large Battery:
Medium Battery:
Small Battery:

Furniture and Lighting-
Glass Art Table:
Ring Light:
Saddle Stool:
Massage Table:
Tattoo Chair:

Tattoo After Care-
Tattoo Clear Bandage:
Hustle Butter:

Practice Skin-
3mm Practice Skin:
Speed Stick for Stencil Transfer:

Medical and Safety-
Ergo Tape (Machine Wrap):
Clip Cord Cover (Blue Plastic Tubing):
A & D Ointment:
Opticide Max Wipes (For Tattoo Machine and Grip):
Sanicloth Wipes (For Furniture):
Barrier Film:

Stencil Creation-
12.9″ 2020 iPad Pro:
Apple Pencil 2:
Extra Pencil Tips:
Thick Pencil Grip (Foam):
Gel Pencil Grip:
Matte Screen Cover:
Ipad Case:

Stencil Printing and Application-
Ink Syringe:
Epson Eco-Tank Printer:
Eco-Stencils Ink:
Inkjet Stencil Printer Paper:
Stencil Stuff:

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  1. Hi, just wondering how are you going with the chair? I am planning to buy one and can’t decide if i should get the tat soul 270 or the mako studio chair.

  2. How’s this chair been working out for you? I have a horrible back and have been looking into buying this exact chair. Love your cats by the way. Follow me on Instagram @visionstoskin