Best of Ink Master’s Celebrity Canvases 🤩

Whether they’re tattooing NFL stars or Dave Navarro, the pressure is on for Ink Master artists when they have to tattoo celebrities. Here’s a look back at some of the most unforgettable tattoos on famous faces.

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  1. I don’t get it
    All these people are rich/have a decent amount of money
    I would go to a tattoo artist That
    1. Doesn’t have a firm limit
    2. Doesn’t have a certain topic they must do
    3. Isn’t on less sleep
    Honestly if I have money I’m going to pay for a tattoo

  2. call me old school but you stand up to introduce yourself, around 40:54 the canvases walked up and a couple of the artists stayed sitting in their seats to shake hands, i just think that is absolutely rude af. i see it on rediculousness as well with Steelo and Chanel more often her. its just rude

  3. 4:13 “this looks like someone wearing a tiger suit” hey goofy bears,tigers,lions,leopards,dogs, a lot of animals look like humans in suits standing up like that, that’s not a good critique at all, they just say random stuff. If a tiger was to stand on a rock like that it would look exactly like that 😂 Oliver is fried!!