Best of DJ Tambe (Compilation) | Ink Master

In honor of DJ Tambe’s new role as a Grudge Match judge, we’re taking a look back at some of his best Ink Master moments. The new series premieres Tuesday, October 1st on Paramount Network!

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  1. its so strange to see Peck in any videos nowadays. They edit him out like 90% of the time. I forget he’s a judge sometimes. They’ll occasionally play his voice giving critique but you just don’t see him at all. That takes so much time, it has too

  2. Probably the strongest male Ink Master on this show, Josh Payne rivals him though and Cleen Rock One is right up there with them both, Id love to see an episode where they battle Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez now that would be an awesome battle

  3. I didn’t know DJ was a recovering addict. I have a similar story. Started using, went to prison, came out and met a wonderful woman, got married and been clean for two years now. Still working on finding a career, being a felon is hard when you’re trying to move on but no one will give you chances with a good job.

  4. Bruh that snake tattoo is so damn smooth and perfect it's insane, the girl was damn gorgeous and it fits her shape perfectly also beating Anthony is not easy head to head but Anthony's version looked a bit washed compared.

    Josh's dragon tattoo looked all clustered up, Juan's tattoo looked dumb clean and it had a different type of solid style but the judges were complaining about proportions, which was weird because those are mythical creatures and his story was they are brothers fighting, they got atleast one winner right that day

  5. i like how that guy think the judges were gonna roast him for using a mag
    lmao the disappointment and realization that he was wrong 😩😩😩😩

  6. From cigarettes to heroin? That's not even the same type of stimulant of drug. Nicotine can be considered an upper heroines a downer how the hell do you go from that to that. I'm not buying it.

  7. I love DJ but that 3 eyed wolf was hideous hahah. The line work, shading, and color is what saved that peice. But huge kudos to him for trying something different, especially during the finale.

  8. that head tattoo is insane! so good! not a fan of the snake, looks more like an eel as there's no scales but nether the less still amazing artwork