BEST Hairstyles for FINE HAIR (2020)

Best hairstyles for fine hair? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Im going to share different hairstyles from different length ranges that work great for fine and/or thin hair as well as WHY they work and how you can modify them to work best for YOU!

Below is a list of my favorite tools and products with simple links you can use to find them.

My favorite blowdryers…
My favorite one:
A more budget friendly one that I like as well:

My favorite Flat Iron:

The best all in one tool:

The Best round brushes:

I LOVE this hairspray:

A great finishing wax (Ignore the “for men” part):

The Thinning shears I use

The Straight shears I recommend for home use:

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  1. Thank you so much for this! How you explained to only layer the hair above the temples and the back of the ear forward on the first model is exactly what I've been trying to get across to every hairdresser!! I'm going to play that part of your video at my next appt.! Do you have a video showing HOW to do that cut?

  2. Thanks to COVID, age, and genetics, I've found that in the past year my crown has patches of no hair. It's been so humiliating now that I have to return to the office. I miss my shoulder length hair!!

  3. Yes would actually like to see a human with fine, thin, balding hair like mine and see what can be done to cover those hair loss spots. I have tried just about Everything, my hair still looks so bad. Would love to see a woman with my issues and see what you can do to make it look nice.

  4. Okay – I am 60 with fine average amount of hair and a squarish-rectangular face. After watching the DIY haircutting blunt, layering, and bangs videos, I developed a hand cramp. It was from drawing diagrams of my head, hair, where to (and not to) cut, and taking mounds of notes while watching the videos. // After a few days of that, I cut my own hair (hand-cramp and all). // I love love love it! // I can still do the updo’s and don’t feel like I have to hide my hair in a pony tail when it is down. My husband likes that it is still longish, and likes the movement, and is happy that I love it! // Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  5. I have fine and thin hair (whereas before my thyroid issue and getting older…I'm 70), Justin, and just moved to Washington Twp, Ohio. I'm scared to death about finding a new stylist! Most of my thinning and fine hair is on top so I've paid special attention to this video. Fingers crossed. Sure wish you had your shop here in Ohio! So glad I found your FB site! You're wonderful.

  6. Great analysis of the specific issues with fine hair! You are the FIRST hairdresser I have encountered who understands that cutting the crown too SHORT creates a flat space beneath!!! I always hear that I need to shorten the top layers to create volume but this NEVER works with my fine hair and results in the FLAT spot you described. Now, if only I could communicate this to my hairdresser. Sadly, I don’t think a move to Portland is in the cards.

  7. What do I ask for at the hairdresser if I went to get the medium bob cut please? I'd really love to get that cut but I want it as close as possible to the one you've styled on the mannequin so if you could give me the whole dialogue of what to ask for or say at the hairdresser so they know exactly what I want, I'd really really appreciate it!!! I can even send u a pic of the end result too if you'd like!? Tia

  8. Justin I think it would be much more helpful to viewers if you use the actual hair type you're discussing. Wish I was near by I'd gladly offer myself as a model with fine hair. Mature styles on different shape faces would help too. Just a thought.

    Thanks for the video even if it was on a mannequin head.

  10. My hair is fine and alot of it, when products are used. My hair doesn't keep curls, it acts like it's too heavy and straightens out in a few hour's, if that. Aqua Net is only product that holds a tad of curl. I use to perm my hair, just to get a start & use less AQUA NET

  11. Hi Justin – I've been a regular viewer 3 yrs/2yrs as a sub and all prior comments have been for whoever is in your chair. This time it's all about you my YouTube friend. Insert the famous Billy Chrystal comedic slang…"YOU LOOK FABULOUS." And you do!!!

  12. Thanks for the great video! I would love to see more videos about the best haircuts for fine, low density curly hair, and how to find stylists who can cut that type or hair well (because most of them can’t). I would love to hear your opinion on Devacuts and Ouidad cuts, etc.

  13. What about those of us that can’t have our hair too short because we feel the need to cover our neck. We would never take our hair but short. The shortest it would ever be is just below the shoulder. If we layer this will it look any thicker like this ?

  14. I have fine hair and a lot of it. Currently I have long layered hair for my wedding in July. After that i wand my short hair again. Do you think an angled bob would look nice

  15. This manikin has lots of hair I consider my hair is thin and fine but if I do layer it doesn’t look that much hair on my head …. it would be great if you show with the manikin has less hair …. thanks for your tutorial

  16. I see that there’s a lot of unreasonable comments mentioning “why didn’t you do this/or that/use that” etc 😅 I’m just gonna say I heard u, watched the whole video and learned a lot. Thank you for sharing your insights!