Best Freehand Tattoos ✍️Ink Master

Drawing a tattoo without a stencil poses complications for even the most experienced tattoo artist. On Ink Master, freehand challenges test artistry and the ability to adapt — here are the best tattoos done totally freehand.

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  1. I love the shocked reactions every time a challenge is introduced…like you expected it to just be easy? It's not like this is stuff they don't already do regularly. "today you'll be tattooing" contestants What??!! talking head I've been tattooing for 10 years, but I'm freaking out, when I heard it was tattoo day, I thought, man, I could be going home." "but that's not all, you will also be doing outlines." f***, this could get me sent home. Outlines are the part of the tattoo you draw first, so then you know where to color in and what the image is. I don't know if 6 hours is enough time. F**

  2. Wow so when they use the stencil doohicky thingamabober. They can get a better score as a robot trying to be a human i don’t understand the ranking system here. Hmmm #teamcleen!

  3. There's no way Jesse beat Anthony's eagles. Yeah the eagle is fucked up but what the hell is that dumbass fish. He ruined that poor girls leg. The amount of bright colors would have been amazing for her color of skin and he could have done a new school or an old style tattoo of anything in the world, not some dimbass looking deformed mutant I think fish thing? He's a good artist so wtf was he thinking. This episode made my jaw drop I remember Watching it years ago and how disappointed I was with Jesse.

  4. I still don't understand how it was a "close call" between Anthony and Jesse Smith… Anthony rendered a full back eagle with the correct anatomy without reference??🤯

  5. Anthony I'm so sorry. Blessings man. Love peace and hugs to you all 😇✌️😎🙏🙌🤗😲❤️🤘🤲☮️🤍. 🌺. 🌹

  6. Jesse should have won that ! Yeah, the eagle has a better outline , but Jesses tatto has way more color , and texture !
    I hate how the judges kept saying, he steped out of his comfort zone as a reason, in the end its what you put down not how you do something your not used to ( that just shows that he does not have much experience).

  7. 11:49 Am I the only one that hates the way the vultures feet aren't really grabbing the branch? It looks like they did the vulture and then the customer came back and asked for a branch. This is why I don't have tattoos lol.

  8. i feel so bad for the girl getting that creature on her leg… lmao shes just going to have to have this weird ass thing on her leg for the rest of her life lmao. I guess she got paid and got to be on tv so oh well

  9. i still think jesse should've won over anthony. i personally hate new school (all of my tattoos are american traditional) but you can't deny that jesse makes the coolest shit out there. its not about personal preference, its about the better tattoo.

  10. if you only have one style that you enjoy doing, then you are not a real tattoo artist. Real true to heart artists enjoy every style they can apply to the skin regardless if its black and greys, colors water colors etc. ALL artists should not be afraid to do free-hand designs. IN fact I would love to have most on Ink Master do free hand on me. my skin is open.