Been planning this forever and finally I got my first tattoo done yesterday. Its a double-headed eagle tattoo. @devilinktattooz, Delhi.

Been planning this forever and finally I got my first tattoo done yesterday. Its a double-headed eagle tattoo. @devilinktattooz, Delhi.

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  1. I would go back to the artist and make a complaint. See if you can get your money back and go somewhere else to get it fixed. Good concept, poor execution

  2. Was this in a shop? Or just some home studio? Either way this is not very good, I’d be complaining unless this was the dudes first tattoo on real skin.

  3. oof sorry OP, thought this was r/shittytattoos . as other commenters said do not go back to this same artist, go to someone with a better reputation / portfolio and has experience fixing bad tattoos . you can start talking to artists now but you’ll have to wait a while in between

  4. I would say get a second opinion on this. It’s a cool concept but the artist has done you dirty. The linework looks like it has chewed your skin up and the shading is rather patchy. The good news is that it’s not beyond saying. I would find an artist that works with a lot of black and grey. You can always pump some white in once it has healed to tidy some areas up also. My major concern would be the blow outs from that linework.

    I’m sorry this happened to you but can still be turned Into something rad. Don’t worry tou aren’t the first person this has ever happened too. Shitty artists with ego and arrogance are to blame for this. Not you.

    Best of luck getting it fixed up 🤞

  5. Damn, sorry your first adventure went down like this. I don’t need to repeat the problems others have pointed out. The biggest downside is your tattoo is so dark and packed with ink. It should be fixable, but it would be easier if it wasn’t so dark. Uffda.

  6. Remeber friend that as long as your like it, then that’s all that matters 🙂 art and loving what’s on your body is subjective! And if you want to get to get it touched up, you can! Nothing is impossible!

  7. It sucks that these things happen, and it sucks even more when they happen to you. But don’t fret OP, there’s a lot of good advice in these comments! The tattoo is definitely fixable, and an artist worth their salt will be able to make that happen

  8. I just thought it was sick when I opened it up. Not sure what the comments are on about. Even after reading the comments, and zooming in, looking for something wrong I don’t see anything.