Becoming A Tattoo Artist Episode 1 | Drawing Classes, Art Supply Haul & My Day to Day!

Welcome (◔◡◔)
This is the first episode of my becoming a tattoo artist series! Today I’m going over what my day to day is like at the tattoo shop, the drawing classes I’ve been taking, we go to the art supply store together, I show you some of my art and talk about overall how everything has been going! Really excited to share this journey with you all!! I hope you all enjoy this video 🙂

0:00 Introduction
0:39 The Studio
1:03 My Day To Day
2:44 Eric Ayala
3:05 Learnings
4:25 Drawing Lessons
7:38 Come Art Shopping With Me!
12:35 My Drawings so far
13:29 New Mindset
15:36 Final Thoughts

See you next Wednesday! 💛
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  1. Drawing and tattooing are very different. Ed Hardy was a great artist. His beginnings in tattooing were horrible until he met NKC and actually learned hot to tattoo. After learning the trade then he was able to start conjuring up those beautiful images he had in his head and putting them on skin. ‘ it’s the hardest medium I’ve ever tried to work with’’ -Don Ed Hardy

  2. Omg you don't buy from Amazon either!?… you just keep getting more and more awesome as time goes along. For real Celle, you cool af yo. When you pulled your case out tho 😆 adorable! Wow sweat pants all day too huh… yeah just getting outta that habit now myself. 🖌 I don't have a pallet, but I got a brush! 😜

  3. literally around this time last year I realized I wanted to pursue tattooing , I was just like u not knowing where to start and always getting upset when something didn’t come out perfect. it’s a difficult journey when u constantly compare ur work to others, it’s still something that I do now as I work on my portfolio. It was so exciting watching ur haul bc I felt that exact way. Drawing every single day will do u so good I promise !!! you’ll see the progress in no time :,) it’s so nice to watch someone on the same journey as me <3

  4. Awesome series!!! I haven't done my art haul yet but my job is super easy and I sit around all day. So I've been trying to draw traditional daggers, flowers, and nails as much as I can. Usually 8-10 of those a day. Been at it for 2 weeks now!

  5. I am an art student from the UK, sometimes I forget the joy art and being creative brings to me, so seeing your wholesome experiences and beginning in art made me so happy 🙂

  6. I bought a Windsor and newton cotman watercolor pallet back in 2016. I still use it consistently to this day. It’s also easy to refill. I would also recommend getting a water brush if you want to draw on the go!

  7. I really appreciate you showing your actual sketches and where you’re starting from. You seem off to a strong start and it’s nice to see something more realistic instead of when people say they aren’t good and then show beautiful, full sketches. I used to draw a ton when I was younger and would like it get back at it, going to look into the class!

  8. 🎨 🎨 I’m so jealous of this ride you’re on and HAPPY for youuuuu omg there’s nothing better than loving your day to day. So important 👏

  9. 🎨 honestly that "small" drawing on your ipad was really good! i think you follow composition really well and i love how you're not afraid of bold lines (i feel a lot people who've dabbled in art really like the feathering technique ahah), would love to see how the valentines flash day goes! and its so heartwarming to see that your leap of faith to switch careers turned out so well 🙂

  10. I'm really looking forward to this series! There's so much content out there on YouTube and in other places that's educational, done from the perspective of an expert teaching people how to do a thing, but there's nowhere near as much "following the journey" of total novice into a new career/skill/endeavor. Even if people aren't interested in becoming a tattoo artist per se, they still might really benefit from watching something like this for inspiration. 🎨

  11. So excited to go on this journey with you! 🎨 As an artist myself, I always love seeing other artists learn and grow and teach me new things!

  12. Really looking forward to seeing more of your art. You're starting out at a skill level that it would take many people months and months to get to!