Become a Better TATTOO ARTIST

You want to become a better tattoo artist ? In this video I will give you some tips to become a better tattoo artist. There are no secrets to learn how to tattoo or improve your tattoo skills. All it takes is practice. Check out Mila’s tattoo sketch book and artwork and see how she practiced tattooing on herself to become the great tattoo artist she is today.

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  1. this is how it should be , but nowdays people go online askin these “ weird “ questions bout needles , volts , inks – everyone should be THIS interested to learn and how to figure out how thinks work for them , but instead we are in a time where people feel like everything should be given to em , if you really like something this is a great example on how dedicated you SHOULD be – props to her man , she is a talent hands down , both of you great artists – great duo

  2. Props to her! She killed it on her first tattoos. She definitely did it the right way. I rushed into tattooing myself & the design went well but it healed horribly because I had zero knowledge about anything. Depth, hand speed, voltage. There's so much to learn! I used to be able to draw very well & then when I was 18 I was shot through my arm with a shotgun which caused nerve damage so I stopped drawing because it hurt my hand to hold a pencil for a short time. Fast forward 20+ years & I'm being sentenced to federal prison for firearms charges so wanted to teach myself to tattoo so I can make money myself & not be a burden on my family while I'm locked up. I rushed to do my first tattoo on myself & thought it came out great until it started healing! I used a rotary & scarred the hell out of myself. If you want to tattoo there's going to be a lot of studying & practice before you actually go for someone's skin. Unfortunately I'll soon have a lot of spare time to practice drawing, but I will turn a negative to a positive and do everything in my power to better myself with whatever time I get.

  3. Hi bro, just to say thank you for these king of videos ! Im actually a tattoo aprentice here in france, shop close since a month now, and i was depressed cause staying home all day take away my motivation, cant find inspiration, juste sitting all day in the front of this whit sheet dont know what to do ! This video just pump me up to get back tryhard, thank you buddy, thank you to your girl to ! Thanks for the inspiration, hope to see you one day man, cheers !

  4. im an aspiring tattoo artist myself and its so cool to soo both of your guys dedication and hard work to the craft, the energy from you guys is so productive that it always inspires me to get my shit together and draw draw draw. ty for the reminder lol