Beautiful Celebrity Tattoos

It seems like your favorite celebrities are getting inked up every chance they get (I’m lookin’ at you, Ariana Grande). Check out some of the cutest, craziest, best celebrity tattoos you may not have noticed just yet, from Kylie Jenner’s mysterious body art to Miley Cyrus’s always-outspoken ink to Hailey Bieber’s understated new additions.
There are the coolest, most copy-worthy celeb tattoos you should screenshot and take to the tattoo parlor ASAP.

Hailey Baldwin just got two new pieces of ink and they are absolutely gorge! The first includes the initial “J” along with a sparkling star on her ring finger for her hubby Justin Bieber. The second is a neck tattoo (!!!) with the world “beleza,” meaning “beauty” in Portuguese, in a pretty dainty script.

Tattoo artist NAL showed off Joe’s newest ink on the back of his neck, which features the black-and-white image of a woman staring through a peep hole. While not much of the woman’s face can be seen, the resemblance to Joe’s wife, Sophie Turner is undeniable.
“Is that Sophie?” one commenter asked on the post. “Lol that genuinely looks like her.” Someone else pointed out, though, that the image is by Italian artist Fornasetti, so while it definitely looks like Sophie, that might just be a coincidence.

Chase Hudson showed off his new ink to Hollywood Fix, flashing the castle motif that takes up the entirety of his left forearm. The image is definitely fantasy-related, and Chase agreed that itreminds him of Harry Potter, though he didn’t confirm if Hogwarts inspired the body art.

Justin Bieber is quickly running out of space on his body to cover in ink and now his neck is out of the question. The singer just got a giant rose tatted on the left side of his neck by the famous tattoo artist Doctor Woo. It’s unclear what the rose represents, but it is gorg.

Demi showed off her latest tat on Instagram and, is it just me, or are you getting major Ariana Grande vibes? The ink, which covers a large part of Demi’s neck, seems to feature a butterfly. Ari fans know she loves a good butterfly tat, just scroll down and see for yourself.
Demi didn’t explain the meaning behind her new body art, but most likely it isn’t an ode to the “Thank U Next” singer. Either way, it is totally gorg.

Hailey’s entire hand is already covered in dainty ink, but ya girl just keeps going! Her tattoo artist Dr. Woo shared this shot of a stylized arrow on the side of her palm.

Watch the rest of the video for more celebrities and their tattoos.

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