Bad tattoo. is this in any way fixable? meant to be embroidery. more in comments. sin on skin halifax ns

Bad tattoo. is this in any way fixable? meant to be embroidery. more in comments. sin on skin halifax ns

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  1. Find a decent artist who does this style and ask if they can re work or you could get 3/4 laser sessions dull it right down and you’ll find more artists will be willing to work on it as it won’t be a cover up as such

  2. I got it for my mom after she died years ago, meant to be my first big tattoo. I was still grieving when I got and I was young and didnt stand up for myself and didn’t think it through. I wanted it to be mainly purple with lots of other colours and in embroidery style. I would ideally want it covered up by a proper embroidery tattoo. Is it possible?

  3. it’s not that bad, just kind of soft. Someone who knows what they’re doing would be able to bring the intended idea out of it nicely, you just have to find someone who does that style.

  4. Last week I sent a message to an artist that has a nice portfolio asking if she can do an embroidery tattoo. She politely declined and I chose to do the same design but in normal colour style. So glad that some artists know their boundaries.

  5. I really like this! As others have said it’s definitely not bad, just needs a little help i.e. highlights/shading and a bit more crisp coloring. Plenty of great artists out there that can really make this pop. Best of luck!

  6. Maybe just have someone harden up the outlines and shade it like threads? It doesn’t look terrible for the affect of embroidery, maybe just some touch-up.

  7. Everything is fixable with a good artist. Find someone and dig into their prior work first. Lots of artists are booked out – so you can be patient or get stuck with bad ink.

    Good luck.

  8. If still like the idea you had back then you can get it redone by a very good artist. Not all want to redone a tattoo because it’s not that easy. But I’ve seen a lot of good redone tattoos which turn out as good as the person would have wanted. Also you can cover it up seems like it has no scares or so build up.

  9. I wanna see the fresh pic. I’ll make my judgement after I’ve seen a fresh pic. I’ve been tattooing for 21 years and this “style” is the worst thing to come along since watercolor tattoos. I’ve been waiting for pics of these kinds of tattoos years down the road. I’ve tried to explain why these tattoos don’t work, but nobody listens.

  10. Definitely fixable, just needs some shading/highlights to trick the eye. Don’t expect it to look like the videos you see, they’re all colour enhanced to shit.

  11. it’s not far from good… I agree with the folks here that a capable shop could really sharpen it up. You can easily tell what the effect was you were going for, that says a lot….

  12. I have questions
    …I haven’t read the entire onslaught of replies in the thread so if these have already been addressed I apologize in advance.

    Is it a new tattoo and if so how long ago was it done and if not how old is it?

    Do you think it’s a bad tattoo or is this just what people are telling you?

    What would you change or want done differently?

  13. Google “Tim Beck cover up tattoo” then Google “Tim Beck embroidery tattoo” he is one of the best in the world at both and should very much be able to help you. He’s the owner of Freedom Ink in Peoria, Illinois. It’s not the biggest of cities but it has an airport so you should be able to get there fairly easily. Best of luck.

  14. Absolutely fixable, do not worry. Go find a real tattoo artist. If possible, find one who is experienced on embroidery style or at least find one that good at in color packing. It can turn into a really good tattoo.

  15. Circles are pretty easily incorporated into cover up designs. It you schedule maybe half a dozen laser sessions, any decent coverup artist will be able to get you a design you’ll like.

  16. It has a lot of potential. Look for an artist that specializes in embroidery style tattoos. Ask them for their opinion – if it can be reworked or if you should get laser first and then do a cover up.

    I think with what’s already done it could be reworked and look more like the style you wanted.

  17. Out of all the sick dragonfly tattoos I’ve seen, the doesn’t make the list for being anywhere close to good. You deserve much better and to feel confident in your skin. The comments on removal and rework by a different artist seem like the right path. Not sure if there’s sentiment to this specific design, but a good artist could put their own twist on it and make it look legit

  18. That style was way out of your artist’s experience. See if you can find a skilled artist from IG and go even if you have to travel specifically for this. they should be able to cover it up and look appropriate

  19. I think it looks cool, and before reading anything related to patchwork recognized it as such. Yeah could maybe do with some darker shading perhaps. But it might make it too bold. Depends on what you dig more…

  20. It’s got a really good foundation, you just need to find an artist who will go stronger on the borders and use more distinct colours to separate the threads. Make sure they’ve done embroidery before and you’re happy with what you see in pictures of their previous work