ART and TATTOO shops in Thailand. Pattaya Vlogg

You can find this art street along Mike shopping mall. it connects beach road with 2nd road in Pattaya.
see map;

You can find several art shops here with a lot of oil paintings. between them there are also a lot of tattoo shops.
A portret painting canvas on oil will cost you between 1000 and 5000 baht.
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  3. Hi.  I. Went to. Kodak.  Express.,  and. Kodak. Digital.      Photo shops in. Jomtien
    To print some. Photos.The staff. Were. Not. Helpful.   They. Were. Rude.,    and. Were. Angry andImpatient.I. Will. Never go. There again.
    There are. Better. Photo. Shops in. Pattaya. With. Helpful. Staff.
    Never. Again..

  4. I always have a stroll down there every trip.Ive had a couple of tattoos(smallish) and bought 4 Paintings,from different shops.I like to spred my money around.My next trip April(end of) I will have another browse.I don't think they mind your camera work.After all you are advertising their work.And you allways speak good to them.

  5. Very entertaining video! Keep it up 🙂 you got potential! Keep uploading! If you don't mind , check out my youtube channel! thanks fellow youtuber 🙂

  6. Nice video. I like these videos were somebody takes the time to show something besides the bars on Walking Street. Good info. The best work of art were the two that passed by around 2:46 or so. There are a lot of talented people there. Unfortunately that "art" is for tourists. I did see something interesting, the painting of the Afghan girl that made the cover of Time magazine. Very nice. While portrait painting requires a lot of talent; never the less, is not art in my book. Most of these were just pretty pictures. Thanks for sharing and showing something new, at least to me it was good to see.

  7. I have walked down past those shops many times I never seem to buy anything but it seems to draw you in and just wonder along great vlog steff.Kev in thailand is doing well good honest vlogs.