Are Face Tattoos Worth it? | Tattoo Artists Answer

25 top tattoo artists talk about the growing trend around Soundcloud rappers and their face tattoos.

What do you think of these tattoos? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Lmao last homie really just said music about drugs and depression is bad like he’s never enjoyed a song about those subjects. Bunch of people over 30 not understanding a different type of art is comedy to me.

  2. so i just got my face done a broken heart in the corner of the eye under it, and i feel like it being a job stopper is completely incorrect and at the end of the day its literally just a tattoo

  3. I’m tryin to find an artist to help me fix/ blend/ alter some tattoos on my forearm that are just atrocious and link me to growin up on the streets and crews I’m no longer working with if that makes sense. (I dm got all necessary equipment but can’t do it myself unless I snapped my wrist 189 degrees)!
    I’m actually in recovery and been clean and sober for almost 15 years. Did it for myself sure but for my kids even more. I am a positive role model and teach meditation and Buddhist philosophy to give folks healthy coping techniques and skills.. I’m a chill guy for the most part with nothing but love, compassion , and respect for all sentient beings and humans are not too bad generally speaking, I don’t, with almost no exception, believe in bad people..rather average aka “normal” people make bad choices and they can increase potential for more bad choices to try to fix the first bad choice and it can go sideways fast. until you take accountability for your actions you will have a very hard time getting out of the hole we tend to just keep digging like we’re about to hit water and your committed to the path we’ve walked down not realizing it’s never to late to turn around and get back on track. I’m not saying it’s easy I’m saying it’s necessary to be a functional honest grown man/ woman and now it’s my kids and all children’s time to be happy which makes me happy . What I don’t like is wasting food. People be hungry out here not getting the nutrients they need to grow and be healthy and happy so they are healthy adults. It’s all a process. Can’t snap your fingers and expect to wake up the next morning with your problems all solved. Be easy out there but my Cali people but go on and get you what you need . Not want! NEED!

  4. Mann…these ''so accomplished'' tattoo artist's ignorant sometimes,if a person is willing to have one tattoo-from that point on they should be open to the idea that a person can get tattoed anywhere on their body…forget about your soundclound rappers or gangsters notions,my greatmother had facetatts,in the African,Samowan culure-well even in the Philippes,facetattoos or body modifications are ancient,spiritual and when it comes to how they look-well they didn't have to look anyway that's expected because art is perfect when the canvas notes that it's done(it's okay as long as an individual doesn't feel anyhow but good about it)…it's only about the love for art not how it looks.

  5. If you get tattooed because of a trend..what happened to the times when only the hardcore xcons would have that …Nothing is sacred.would you rather be a trend or Ralph Lauren 😁

  6. Idk if anyone will ever see this but I’m 17 I love face tattoos I one day wanna get one and I’m not just following a trend of face tattoos I’ve been liking face tattoos for like 4 or 5 years now but the only thing I would get on my face is something that really means a lot to me not like these rappers even tho some can actually rock the tattoos others just look dumb

  7. Anyhony michaels, love that guy, he is a dude that has depth and respect for others and the craft of what he is doing. What he ssys is so real, these rsppers INFLUENCE the young generation and they talk about negstice stuff. I said it before i will say it again, talk about depression yes, at same time make it theraputic to your fans, dont influence them to go down the rabbit hole

  8. Dude at 6:00 ……the drive to look ignorant… wow. HAND CLAP SIR… you took thecwords out my mouth. This dude says all the things i say too